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ANNOUNCEMENT: Agrobiz to hold virtual event on women’s economic thumbprint

Agrobiz has announced its plans to continue making a positive impact on women and girls through agricultural investment opportunities, and educational and humanitarian assistance.

This was made in the announcement received by African Development Magazine for the upcoming virtual event of 120 Minute Session via Zoom Meeting.

Lady Tee Thompson, CEO Agrobiz
Lady Tee Thompson, CEO Agrobiz

The convener, Lady Tee Thompson said: “Women’s empowerment comes in many different forms and we provide exciting opportunities or support towards both personal and financial independence. provides three different training programs supporting women & youth empowerment with training and education, capacity building, and knowledge transfer to urban and rural communities across the globe.  Equally, the Sustainable Development Goals are infused into all of our programmings as we provide solutions to development and community building through entrepreneurship and agribusiness.”

At a time when global progress on gender equality was already off track, COVID-19 has compounded all aspects of inequality and rolled back hard-won gains.  The session will revisit the gender equality thumbprint from the viewpoint of investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path toward three keys; a passion for gender equality, purposeful poverty eradication, and inclusive profitable economic opportunities across the globe with women in agribusiness and female entrepreneurs. She said

Topic:  Women’s Economic Thumbprint: Passion, Purpose & Profitability for Agribusiness & Entrepreneurs

 His Excellency, Fahim Yasin Twaha (Governor of Lamu County, Kenya) as the special guest speaker among other featured speakers.

To be part of the historic event; join the Live stream webcast:

United Nations 66th Session of Commission on the Status of Women | Parallel Event – Saturday, March 19, 2022 | 2:00 pm EST ?? / 7pm ?? ?? ?? /9:00 pm ?? | 120 Minute Session via Zoom Meeting.



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