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Osun State partners US to launces HIV treatment surge

Osun State, through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and with support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), launched its HIV Treatment Surge initiative.

Speaking at the launch event, US CDC Country Director Mary Boyd emphasized that Surge efforts in health facilities and with communities were not business as usual for the state’s HIV program, but rather intensified and innovative approaches and partnerships to increase the number of people living with HIV on antiretroviral treatment. She said, “a lot of hard work will be needed to reach the UNAIDS 95-95-95 goal (having 95% of people living with HIV know their status, 95% of those people on antiretrovirals (ART), and 95% of those on ART reaching viral suppression), but with the support of the Government of Osun, communities, and partners, I have no doubt this Surge will propel the state to ending HIV/AIDS as a public health threat and thereby save many lives.”

We must ensure we reach the most vulnerable populations, like women, adolescents, and children, with testing and treatment

Currently, Osun State has almost 30,000 people estimated to be living with HIV, 13,500 of which are yet to be identified and placed on treatment. Through intensified and innovative strategies, the HIV Treatment Surge aims to quickly close this gap and achieve treatment saturation. The Surge also aims to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to their babies and enhance adolescent and key populations services, thereby ensuring an AIDS-free generation.

Speaking with the Osun State Governor before the event, U.S. Consul General Will Stevens highlighted the need for equitable access to HIV services across the state. “We must ensure we reach the most vulnerable populations, like women, adolescents, and children, with testing and treatment. We must also ensure equitable access to care for key and hard-reach populations.”

The Osun State HIV Treatment Surge is one of many that have taken place in states since 2019. The Surges have identified and placed hundreds of thousands of people on life-saving treatment across the country, a remarkable accomplishment that is even more notable for its obtainment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of March 2023, 1.8 million Nigerians are receiving HIV treatments via PEPFAR as the country moves closer to its goal of reaching HIV epidemic control.

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West Africa Tourism Experts to meet in Lome

The Private Sector Directorate of the ECOWAS Commission is organizing three (3) – day technical meetings for Tourism Experts, 3rd – 5th April 2023. The experts are expected to amend and validate the new regulatory texts for tourist accommodation establishments within the ECOWAS region.

The ECOWAS Commission, as part of the implementation of its Revised Treaty, developed a Regional Tourism Policy accompanied by an ECOTOUR 19-29 Action Plan, with the collaboration of the Member States. The analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the ECOWAS destination has thus highlighted the weakness of the regulatory system and the low level of tourism services as a major handicaps for the development of this sector whose potential could serve as a driving force for our economies.

To this end, ECOTOUR 19-29, was developed in its program n°5, which dictates the development of the regulatory framework, hotel classification criteria, and control systems.

While sourcing inspiration from international standards applied to tourist accommodation infrastructures around the world, the ECOWAS Member States wish, in a harmonized and innovative way, to define a new regulation by:

To this end, the ECOTOUR 19-29, was developed in its program n°5, which dictates the development of the regulatory framework, hotels classification criteria and control systems

  • Affirming national cultural and architectural identities.
  • Considering the environment and the climate.
  • Creating labels and certificates that will be specific to the West African Region.

The updating of the regulations responds to the major issues facing the West African region, namely:

  • Unfair competition of hotellike.
  • New forms of tourist accommodation such as eco-lodges, guest houses, etc.
  • Security context which imposes the reinforcement of security and safety devices in the accommodation premises.
  • Need for harmonized procedures for hotel classification.
  • Inexistence of a control mechanism at the regional level.

The drafting process was divided into 5 phases that started in 2019. Phases 1 & 2 have come to an end with the provision of a preliminary draft of texts, amended and validated at an Expert level by the Member States, which was followed by phases 3 and 4, with a focus on the following points:

  • Development of the Tourist accommodation establishments classification scoring table for each category.
  • Elaboration of the harmonized grid of control and allocation of grades by categories
  • Proposal of ECOWAS labels and signage for the different categories
  • Proposal for a regional mechanism for dissemination and enforcement of regulations.
  • Proposal of digitalization of the regional TAE ranking.

By adopting the regulations of tourist accommodation establishments in Lomé, ECOWAS destination will now have a harmonized, standardized, qualitative, and competitive accommodation offer composed of:

  • Hotels
  • Ecolodges
  • Motels
  • Apart’hotels
  • Hostels
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UNICEF, MINA To Intervene In Child Protection In N/East Nigeria

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced that it would seek to improve the survival of children affected by conflict.

It will improve dietary practices and provide high-impact lifesaving nutrition interventions, such as early identification and referral of acute malnutrition cases for treatment—and micronutrient supplementation to prevent infections among children.

The Multisectoral Integrated Nutrition Action (MINA) project, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office of the UK Government and implemented by UNICEF and other partners in 24 Local Government Areas of Borno and Yobe State from 2018 till march 25

According to the data from the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene: National Outcome Routine Mapping (WASH NORM 2021), shows that about four per cent of Borno’s population has access to improved water sources and two per cent in Yobe has access to safely managed drinking water. Up to 1.1 million people across the region still practice open defecation, a risk factor for malnutrition and stunting in children.

The Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) programme, which has been highly successful in reducing malnutrition and improving health in children, will be expanded to reach more disadvantaged communities. Roving “nutrition ambassadors” midwives who have received special training on nutrition issues will travel to remote areas of the country where most children are malnourished.

“The first 1000 days of life of a child is an unmatched window of opportunity. UNICEF is grateful for the support of the FCDO to invest early in the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world,’’ said Cristian Munduate, UNICEF Representative in Nigeria.“It is heartwarming that through the capacity building and empowerment approach of this project, thousands of children will benefit from this intervention in the long term,’’ said Cristian Munduate.

“It is heartwarming that through the capacity building and empowerment approach of this project, thousands of children will benefit from this intervention in the long term,’’

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Liberia: President Weah Returns Home from Foreign Trips

The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah returned to the country on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, following a weeklong international visit.

President Weah and a high-power government delegation left Liberia for two meaningful engagements – in the United States of America (USA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The President touched down midday at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and was received by an array of government officials led by Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Hon. George Wesseh Blamoh.

Speaking to reporters at the RIA, President Weah described his trip as fruitful, saying that he held a series of engagements with partners in the US and the United Arab Emirates.

President Weah described his trip as fruitful, saying that he held a series of engagements with partners in the US and United Arab Emirates

“As President, I represented the country; and the trip was one of my routine official engagements with international partners and stakeholders,” he said, adding, “I am happy that it was fruitful.”

The President continued: “Liberia has a huge biodiversity, including a huge forest reserve. We were able to ensure that our country benefits from international support related to our forest and other resources. There is forest fund, and we need to tap from it.”

On a reporter’s question on what the President made of the Lone Star game with South Africa on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at SKD, President Weah encouraged the players to do their best because the game is important for the country.

“I flew from Accra just to be part of the game. I hope they will do well,” President Weah, a legendary footballer, stated.

He also dispelled rumors that the government is not supporting Lone Star, saying the government has been doing well with support to the team.

“We are supporting the Lone Star, but what we will not do is to report on whatever we are doing as a government on the social media,” he retorted.

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