FG unveils new NSCDC uniform

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) has unveiled another uniform.

The Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, unveiled the additional uniform for the Corps, Friday in Abuja.

Speaking during the unveiling, Aregbesola said the corps has not changed its uniform but has added to the sets of uniforms.

Revealing Africa Afresh- ADM

He said the uniform will be worn on Tuesday by officers of the corps will add to effectiveness and improve service delivery.

Speaking earlier, NSCDC boss, Abubakar Audi said the uniform is in line with the vision of the minister to reposition the service.

He added that the uniform is in line with global best practice.

He said the additional uniform comprises of Navy blue trouser and white shirt.

“It makes the corps unique and will boost the morale and commitment of officers and will bolster them to do more in their areas of endeavor.
He expressed gratitude to the minister for his support to the service.

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The Canon-Ishara Mara Partnership

A game changer for Kenya, Africa’s  eco/community tourism

Mohammed Abu,ADM,Accra

Community, cultural and eco-tourism together constitute an important integral part  of Africa’s wider tourism sectorial endowment  potential.

National tourism development frameworks in African countries should have strategic  Investment in tourism infrastructure and its marketing in order  to unlock it’s fullest employment and revenue generation potential.

The desert country,United Arab Emirates(UAE),offers an important case study from which  Africa could  draw useful lessons. The UAE stands dwarfed when compared with  the average African country in terms of eco-tourism potential.

The country can only boast, desert coastal and non-coastal ecosystems without any appreciable amount biodiversity other than well managed beeches  plentiful sand dunes, the date tree, camels and a few surviving plant species native to the country.

She cannot compare her self to the average African country  in terms of quantum of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem biodiversity via abundant river systems,lakes,wetlands,waterfalls,wildlife species of all kinds,etc.

Despite the foregoing eco-tourism limitations of the country,she  embarked on  substantial investments in innovative artificial tourists attraction spot  infrastructure projects like the world’s tallest hotel building in the sea,artificial islands,world’s tallest tower,shopping Malls, among others.

Driven by a tenacity of purpose and employing state of the art technology,,the country worked to  position herself as the hob for global tourism today and which is never in question.

According to both UAE official sources and that of the World Travel and Tours Council,the United Arab Emirates’s Tourism Revenue reached 25 USD bn in Dec 2020, compared with 38 USD bn in the previous year.

Tourism now contributes 11.5 per cent of Dubai’s GDP, an official UAE  statement said, adding that Dubai has been named the third-best city for capturing direct international tourism spend in the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2019 Cities report.

On the part of the African continent as a whole, for the same period,in 2019, the industry accounted for about seven percent of Africa’s GDP and contributed $169 billion to its economy—about the size of Côte d’Ivoire’s and Kenya’s combined GDP. Africa’s travel and tourism sector employed more than 24 million people in 2019, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

It is therefore against this background that the recent announcement of the  Canon-Ishara Mara partnership deal  to launch the Canon Experience Centre in Kenya, dedicated to supporting  education and empowerment of people,is a welcome news.

Canon’s Experience Centre aims to raise awareness about  nature and wildlife whilst empowering the indigenous Maasai people by providing a unique and immersive photography, video and print experience at the national reserve.

The importance of environmental protection and conservation awareness creation among African ethnic communities cannot be over emphasized  since they are the custodians, direct and immediate beneficiaries of the ecology and its biodiversity.

In the same vein, they are equally those who would feel the immediate adverse impact of ecological degradation be in terms of wildlife or plant life which serves their food, medicinal and other needs.

Transforming local community members into content creators on various topics such as Human Coexistence with the environment and Wildlife, Maasai Tribe and Culture, Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Beauty, Protection, Preservation and Environmental Conservation is indeed a game changer.

Likewise, the initiative of  promoting and empowering women to become Maasai tour-guides by providing various training and educational opportunities.

Further supporting  the trained guides to purchase official Canon equipment through its exclusive packages designed for the Maasai tour guides as well as a referral scheme from Canon that will allow the Maasai tour guides to earn an added commission should a Canon customer visit the experience center is lot  more laudable.

While we of the African Development magazine, wish to specially commend Canon for its important youth and tourism focused initiatives in Africa as part of its CSR,we also world like to call on African governments to take a cue from the UAE and invest heavily  in tourism development infrastructure, destination branding and tourism marketing.

Granted Africa’s relatively endowed diverse forms of tourism endowments, the continent could do a lot more better to provide more employment for the youth and to derive more revenue for developing funding as a means of scaling down the continent’s much lamented debt burden.

We dare  add that, beyond the Canon Experience Center initiative in Kenya, moving on, Africa’s tourism Ministries and promotion agencies could may be consider well crafted strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships with Canon Africa.





















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Unveiling Africa’s Talents, Creating Sustainable Future Livelihoods !!!


Amine Djouahra

Canon’s MIRAISHA  Program Leads the Charge

…..As 5,950 Youth in 10 African Countries benefit

Interview Story: Mohammed Abu, ADM, Accra.

Last year Africa’s  youth was said to have  constituted   40 percent  of the continent’s   population  far outstripping the global average of  26 percent .Some experts  have raised concerns  that  job creation as it relates to the youth  doesn’t  commensurate with  the ever rising youthful  population.

Canon Africa on its part, sees this as a great opportunity and prefers addressing the youth of the continent as “Africa Talents”. It appreciate them as a vital  component of  the continent’s  human resources  potential  that needs to be judiciously nurtured and supported to play a useful role towards  changing the African narrative.

Giving prime attention to Canon’s  African  customers constitutes an important component of its strategy in the African market. Canon ensures they are fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills as that enables them to handle Canon’s equipment with maximum efficiency on the continent’s imagery landscape.

Canon also greatly values its users and other non-customer members of the wider African communities including slams. Job creation that gives special attention to the youth forms an important component of the company’s Corporate, Social, Responsibility (CSR).

As it’s contribution towards vocational education in Africa, Canon’s photography and videography curriculum has benefited both professionals and amateurs photographers and videographers on the continent.

Canon’s affirmative action plan for unlocking African talents and creating sustainable future livelihoods is driven by it’s MIRAISHA PROGRAMME which embodies Canon’s corporate philosophy, “KYOSEI”, meaning, living and working together for the common good.

The name of the programme is a blend of Japanese and African (Swahili) language as it was initially started in Kenya, East Africa region .A strategic partnership with the Kenyan Film Corporation (KFC) ensured maximum impact.

The programme was gradually extended to the Northern and West African sub- regions. Nigeria is reputed as a spectacular case where people without previous educational backgrounds  thanks to MIRAISHA, were not only able to acquire mastery in photography, but  moreso,are today running their own business most successfully, earning income and making a living.

Creation of sustainable future livelihoods is at the heart of the programme. Thus, it is aimed at supporting the establishment of jobs in key African markets, facilitate local sustainability,to use Canon’s core imaging skills and in the process, generate community brand awareness and business links with key stakeholders in the region.

The Canon programme supports the youth to develop livelihood in professional photography, videography and professional print, film making as well as facilitating local sustainability.

This is done through running Canon lead workshops, symposiums and other training activities while collaborating with different local organizations, associations, festivals, events and nongovernmental organizations.

Re-affirming Canon’s  commitment through the Miraisha programme,the company  has been developing young talents through various educational workshops encompassing inspirational, practical and theoretical sessions intended to provide emerging young artists the skills and training needed to gain knowledge in their field while harnessing new talents and giving young students hands-on access to canon equipment.

This will support and improve the knowledge, skills and industry understandings   in country to build capacity and grow the vibrant creative sector overall while empowering locals to take the lead and push the visual imagery industry further forward.

A train the trainer programme was implemented across Africa as part of Miraisha-It invests in training local trainers in country to be able to teach, share knowledge and skill sets with fellow photographers /filmmakers and the next generation.

Over the past seven years, MIRAISHA STUDENTS have participated in the programme and received photography training on a variety of different genres from fashion to street to sports and storytelling and much more.Canon values Africa’s youth as its future customers and leaders and as such they are Africa’s future of which the company is poised to be part of.

As of October, last year, ten African countries in the Eastern, Northern and West African sub-regions were covered with 5950+ participants trained up till date. Participants who received   paid commission were 550+, participants whose works was exhibited or published were 350+, while 18 local professionals are even Canon trained.

These were disclosed by Amine Djouahra, Director of Sales and Marketing, Canon Central and North Africa(CCNA) during an exclusive interview with ADM, Ghana.

On what sets Canon  apart  from others ,he said, his company believes  in constant interaction  between its customers  and users since  that generates useful  feedback .This,he noted puts Canon  in a better position  to bring  its decades long international experience on pertinent  issues  as they  crop up .Thus, at the end of the day, solutions are proffered  and that  could be adopted  to suit into the local African situation  to best serve  the needs of its customers and users..This, he noted, was more prudent than just simply shipping goods to African customers.

Canon he said, believes partnership should be long lasting and mutually beneficial to both sides and it should also be able to stand the test of time. That is, during good times as well as during trial moments. Mr.Amine intimated that Canon was able to demonstrate this during the covid-19 pandemic.

Canon greatly values fostering mutually beneficial collaborations with local institutions including photography associations as both sides learn from each other’s experiences that also ensure better business understanding between the two sides.

Canon believes that in order to serve its African customers better, it has to be close to them and as such, Canon has established offices in 6 African countries with more than 80 African employees who represent fifteen(15) African nationalities. Canon values on-going interaction between it and its African customers and partners.

On what Canon is doing towards marketing the investment opportunities offered by Africa, he said, Africa is young and has a lot of development moving forward.Canon is therefore poised to be part of this future. Thus, Africa occupies top priority in Canon’s future plans.

Aside  Canon’s  substantial investments  across  the continent, as a leading imagery brand, Canon, Mr. Amine said, has been fostering collaborative partnerships and sponsoring the production of local content that showcases what Africa has to offer and which he said,is viewed through films, carried by the  media and shared on social media.

Africa’s rich cultural heritage in terms of story telling, festivals, music,fashion among others, he observed, offers a great opportunity. This he said,if it were well packaged  and showcased  on the international scene,that  could be exported to generate substantial revenue to support the development funding of the continent.


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International Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating the virtuous, ambitious women with selfless contributions to the society

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women across the world.

It is also a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women and girls.

The theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March 2022 (IWD 2022) is, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.

Advancing gender equality in the context of the climate crisis and disaster risk reduction is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. The issues of climate change and sustainability have had and will continue to have severe and lasting impacts on our environment, economic and social development. Those who are amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized experience the deepest impacts. Women are increasingly being recognized as more vulnerable to climate change impacts than men, as they constitute the majority of the worlds poor and are more dependent on the natural resources which climate change threatens the most.

At the same time, women and girls are effective and powerful leaders and change-makers for climate adaptation and mitigation. They are involved in sustainability initiatives around the world, and their participation and leadership results in more effective climate action. Continuing to examine the opportunities, as well as the constraints, to empower women and girls to have a voice and be equal players in decision-making related to climate change and sustainability is essential for sustainable development and greater gender equality. Without gender equality today, a sustainable future, and an equal future, remaireachesthe  beyond our reach.

African Development Magazine joined the rest of the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2022 with the theme, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, and also want to examine how to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all if Gender equality is considered and implemented.

In this report, ADM reach out to some powerful women, leaders, activists with selfless contribution to the community, and some who uses their respective platform to advocate for important issues like diversity in girls’ education, empowerment, emancipation of women, sexual exploitation, women on sexual and reproductive health, leadership, entrepreneurship, discrimination, child marriage and other injustices.

Lady Tee Thompson, CEO, Agrobiz celebrated women across the globe and advocate for gender equality at all level.

“I love the theme of 2022 recognizing and amplifying the important role of women and girls, advocating against gender bias, where, why to and how address climate change and as for me sustainable development.”

“ why is this year theme relevant or important , it is because often time people do not know what truly understand poverty breaking the barriers means what it is and how it can lead and change for more sustainable and climate resilient future for everyone”

“As a farmer, globalgoals who help me advocate and to ensure inclusive quality education and promoting life-long, learning opportunities for everyone for sustainable goals or 2030 agenda or SDGs or global goals for sustainable development i woman every women which also tap in the Goal 5 which is achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. It is very necessary or unnecessary conversation or dialogue that needs to transpired”

“For example, most people are not aware that we must change system that prevents women from achieving their potentials, gender equality is real and it shows up in all the system including weather climate including the work place. For example, 75% of parliamentarians worldwide are men, 67% of all climate negotiators are men, 87% of people at the peace table are men, and 64% of representations at the local government levels are men.”

“Women are paid 10-30% less for the same work, pay and inequality in the workplace happens  everywhere, every country and every nation and every tribe. So, we must voice as poor for equal pay and equal work, and we must stride in the means of implementation and revalidation as the global partnership for sustainable development goals everywhere.” She concluded

Mother Wildanie Cupidon is the founder of Foundation Wildanie Cupidon, humanitarian per excellence with track records and multi-award winner eulogies women in the society and the importance of gender equality.

“For this new year, the United Nations celebrates the international day of women’s rights on the theme “Equality today for a sustainable future” to remember to be able to materialize this idea, it is important to establish gendSecretary-General, equality , not only for reasons of equity a,d respect for human rights, but also because it is a prerequisite for the achievement of many other objectives, insisted Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations . The request is made to countries to give equal treatment to women in all areas; this would facilitate a spectacular outcome of development.”

“According to some research done in the economic field in some countries, when women are treated on an equal footing, there is an increase in this level. The involvement of women in companies as leaders shows better results. It therefore does not paralyze the education of women, equality between women and men should not remain in the stage of a utopia. This work must be a perpetual struggle for the full outcome of the world. It will be a great reality; it must be at the heart of the efforts of all of us on the planet. The small progress made with regard to girls’ access to primary education and the proportions of women in political bodies are not considerable compared to the stereotypes that are really present. Hence, we need to continue waging a great struggle for the fulfillment of each of us.”

“Sister Wildanie Cupidon, would like to convey this message to all women and girls on the planet: respect for human rights and gender equality should not be a utopia. On the contrary, it is the job of governments, through the United Nations and also of every human being to play their part in making them a reality.”

“I also want to speak to men and boys, so that they assume their responsibilities in this regard. Let’s live in a world where there will be no discrimination, no war, no poverty and together we will continue to work to achieve sustainable development. In addition, we all have an interest in being on an equal footing.” She concluded

Clarisse Blanche Fall is the Global President at 1000 African women Network, and founder and executive director of African Hope Committee has commended women and girl across the world.

“I wish happy women’s international day to all the women who do not stop giving the best of themselves despite the inequalities and injustice of which they are facing.”

“Women and girls are mostly worthy, humble, self,less, courageous and strong . They can raise an entire village by being there and facing any hardships. women should seat on a table for any decisions made for education, health, peace and security.”

“women should be listen attentively for their fight against violence, injustice, inequaliy, discrimination and rejection in decision making. So many women have fought to sacrifice their privilege to denounce injustices and atrocities. The solution is to bring them in for d,cisions’ making , since they are the mother of this earth.” She concluded.

Carine  Siltz Kapinga  is the founder of African-Advocates Against-Aids  with tremendous achievement in educating and sensitizing the community through awareness and outreach. Carine said women supposed to be celebrated every day for their selfless contribution to the commun itya workforceneeD, but there is low level of participation of women in politics because of the gender inequalities

“We see low levels of participation of women in politics over the years but the tide appears to have turned judging from the role of women now in the work force and in politics. I support these women political leader and their services to those populations in needs and may consider running with God’s willing” she said.

Marie-Rose Sirikari is the President/Founder-CEO of African Women Council, Inc (AWC), Humanitarian and ambassador for peace also joined the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2022.

“Let us celebrate the International Women’s day. We are the advocate for gender equality for women and girls, education, health, peace in the conflicts zone, sustainable development, participating in decisions making.” She said

Seah Matilda Banga a.k.a Sia Domingo is an ambassador, leader, activist, humanitarian, journalist and an ordained Pastor. She is also the founder of Diaspora International Platform, This Time Africa Media who also uses her platform advocating for women and girls wworld’s celebrating the International Women’s Day 2022, said she will keep advocating to bridge the gap with the opposite sex especially in Politics.

“My hope is to continue in the phenomenon of narrowing the gap between women and our male counterparts that especially in Africa we can look at female leaders in politics at the head as a norm just like in the church My slogan: :I choose to speak” says it all. change happens because someone demands it.” She said

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Women building a sustainable future: Fighting back the desert, amid Niger’s refugee and climate crises

In the dusty plains outside Ouallam, a town some 100 kilometres north of Niger’s capital Niamey, verdant rows of vegetables sprout from the soil in neat plots. Adding further contrast to the parched surroundings, women in bright shawls walk among the rows, checking irrigation pipes and adding a splash of water to any thirsty-looking specimens.

‘We are very happy to work together’

The 450 or so women who work this land are drawn from three distinct communities: some are locals, others were displaced by conflict and insecurity elsewhere in Niger, and the rest are refugees from neighbouring Mali.

“We did this all together with the different communities: the refugees, the displaced, and the local community of Ouallam. We are very happy to work together,” says 35-year-old Rabi Saley, who settled in the area after fleeing armed attacks in her hometown Menaka, 100 kilometres further north across the border in Mali.

The produce she grows – including potatoes, onions, cabbages, bell peppers and watermelons – helps to feed her seven children and provide an income by selling the surplus at a local market. Since its creation, the market garden project has also helped smooth the arrival of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people to the town.

“When we learned that they were going to settle here, we were afraid and unhappy,” recalls Katima Adamou, a 48-year-old woman from Ouallam who has her own plot nearby. “We thought that they were going to make our life impossible, but instead it’s been the opposite.”

Adapting to the changing climate

Political unrest and frequent attacks by armed groups in Mali and Nigeria have pushed 250,000 refugees, most from Mali and Nigeria, to seek safety in Niger, whilst violence within the country’s own borders has forced a further 264,000 internally displaced people from their homes.

The refugees and the populations who host them are the engines of change and can support themselves and ensure the resilience of their communities

Meanwhile, climate change is pushing up temperatures in the Sahel at 1.5 times the global average, and the 4.4 million people forcibly displaced across the region are among the most exposed to the devastating impacts of drought, flooding and dwindling resources.

In Ouallam’s market garden – an initiative launched in April 2020 by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency – the women have learned to nourish their plants using drip irrigation to minimize evaporation and preserve scarce water resources.

An added benefit of the project is its role in helping Nigeriens adapt to the changing climate. By cultivating a large swathe of formerly degraded land near the town and planting trees, they are helping to stave off the desertification that threatens large parts of the country.

Building blocks of sustainable development

In another part of Ouallam, a further boost to community integration and environmental protection comes from a less likely source. The town brickyard employs 200 men and women – refugees, internally displaced and locals – in the manufacture of stabilized soil bricks.

Made by combining soil with small amounts of sand, cement and water before compacting and drying in the sun, the interlocking bricks reduce the need for cement mortar during construction. Crucially, they also eliminate the need to burn large amounts of scarce wood or other fuel used in the firing of traditional clay bricks.

“After, these bricks are used to build houses for the people supported by UNHCR – the refugees, the internally displaced, as well as a part of the vulnerable host community,” explained Elvis Benge, a UNHCR shelter officer in Niger.

“Ultimately, the refugees and the populations who host them are the engines of change and can support themselves and ensure the resilience of their communities,” Benge added.

Back in the market garden, having worked with her new neighbours to meet the challenge of daily survival as well as era-defining crises beyond their control, Ms. Saley stands surrounded by the fruits of her labour and reflects on a job well done.

“We have become one community – I even got married here!” she says. “The woman blossoms, just like the plants!”

This story is part of multimedia UN News series featuring women leading initiatives for a more sustainable, equitable future, published ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day on 08 March.

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Digital Infrastructure Resilence

Press Release

Canon EMEA reaffirms commitment to Middle East

Canon EMEA President & CEO, Yuichi Ishizuka, visited EXPO 2020 Dubai and reiterated Canon’s commitment to the UAE and wider GCC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16th Feb 2022: Canon EMEA reaffirmed its commitment to the UAE and wider GCC region, with a visit from Canon EMEA President and CEO, Yuichi Ishizuka, who toured EXPO 2020 Dubai to witness “The Greatest Show on Earth”. With the UAE being the first Arab nation to host this prestigious event, Canon is proud to support the vision of the UAE and be the Official Printing and Imaging Partner for this global event and continue its legacy of investing in important events across the Middle East.

 The UAE is a leader in economic development and digital infrastructure, ranking first in the GCC for its digital competitiveness and with the recent success of EXPO 2020 Dubai, has further solidified its position as a progressive, transformative, and forward-looking nation. Since signing the partnership in January 2020, this is Mr. Yuichi Ishizuka’s first visit to experience the impact of investing in such a large-scale event, that is not only dedicated to human brilliance and achievement but is also a celebration of UAE Vision 2021 and underscores the UAE’s international reputation as a business hub.

As governments across the Middle East continue to diversify their economies and highlight digital transformation, the Middle East continues to be an important market for Canon. In addition to investing in making EXPO 2020 Dubai a success, Canon’s resolve to continue uninterrupted services across the Middle East and ensure high customer satisfaction levels, even during a global pandemic, can be seen in the EMEA results which accounted for 30% of global sales, wherein Canon Middle East and Turkey contributed 27% of regional sales, making it the largest sales market in the region. This result is also a testament to the resolve, hard work and adaptability of all Canon staff who persevered to implement the philosophy of Kyosei – living and working together for the common good, especially during a challenging 2021.

Mr. Yuichi Ishizuka commented: “Our sponsorship of Expo 2020 Dubai is rooted in our shared principles and values. It starts with adopting advanced technology to enhance the visitor experience and extends to exploring opportunities to drive innovation within key areas, such as sustainability. EXPO 2020 Dubai

underscores Canon’s plans to continue investing and strengthening its operations within both the UAE and the Middle East and we are privileged to have played a part in the making of this iconic event.”

As the exclusive Official Printing and Imaging Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai, Canon has deployed its pioneering, innovative and game-changing imaging products and high-speed printing expertise to provide a unique visitor experience, as well as ensure data protection and safety of over 300,000 participants via state-of-the-art accreditation “passports” issued at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

For additional information, please visit:


Editor’s Note:Published unedited



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AIM Dubai-2022

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                   

The Annual Investment Meeting Opens Up New Horizons for Global Economic Growth on March 29th, 2022

Dubai – February 10, 2022, The Annual Investment Meeting will make history once again from 29 to 31 March 2022 at the Dubai Exhibition Center, EXPO 2020, Dubai, in a new edition that aspires to empower the recovery of global economic growth.

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Ruler of Dubai, the global investment event is held under the theme of “Investments in Sustainable Innovation for a Thriving Future”.

“AIM’s forthcoming edition, AIM 2022, will focus mainly on endorsing and boosting investments towards sustainability and innovation through the conference’s 6 pillars: FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT FDI, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES SMEs, FOREIGN PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT FPI, STARTUPS, FUTURE CITIES, and the 50 PROJECTS INITIATIVE, said Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi, President of the Annual Investment Meeting.

The FDI Pillar will enable participants to discover new investment opportunities in the global market, thereby, increasing FDI, while promoting economic growth.

The SMEs Pillar will recognize enterprises’ contributions to the global economy and empower them – emphasizing the need to create conducive environments that empower UAE’s entrepreneurs, allowing them to possess the necessary competency to achieve growth and progress.

The Foreign Portfolio Investors FPI Pillar will enable investors to diversify their portfolios, establish contacts with local organizations, and gain access to investment flows.

The Startups Pillar will help investors find new investment opportunities while helping entrepreneurs acquire venture capital and seed funding for their startups.

The Future Cities Pillar will rally up the governments and investors’ support to maximize the potential of innovation, technologies, and smart city solutions, while also recognizing smart city solutions providers from across the globe for their outstanding projects that are aligned to achieve increased operational efficiency & productivity, sustainability, and economic growth.

The 50 Projects Initiatives Pillar focuses on supporting the UAE’s ‘Projects of the 50’ initiative that covers numerous key sectors including Economy, Entrepreneurship, Advanced Skills, Digital Economy, Space, and Advanced Technologies. The 50 projects represent a series of long-term development and economic initiatives designed to accelerate the UAE’s development and establish the nation as a hub for talent and investment.

The AIM 2022 comprises a broad array of features and activities that give real value to all participants and stakeholders of the conference, including AIM Pre-conference Workshop & Seminar, AIM 2022 Conference, AIM 2022 Exhibition, AIM 2022 Innovation Showcase, Startup Hackathon,  Startup Live Pitching Sessions, Site Visits, B2B, G2B, & G2G Meetings, Exclusive Breakfast, High-level Networking Lunch, Gala Dinner, AIM Global 2022 Investment Awards, AIM 2022 Startup Pitch Competition, and AIM 2022 Future City Awards, among other features.

With the Annual Investment Meeting’s 6 Pillars providing value to all the event’s participants, therefore, attending AIM is imperative for all stakeholders of the global investment landscape.


Editor’s Note: Published unedited









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Achieving AU Agenda 2063

Mr. Mabingwe Ngom

“Africa’s Year of Nutrition 2022 is Opportune and Timely”-Mr.Mabingwe

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),  welcomes the vision behind the African Union (AU) theme for 2022: ‘Strengthening Resilience in Nutrition and Food Security on the African Continent: strengthening Agro-Food Systems, Health and Social Protection Systems for the Acceleration of Human, Social and Economic Capital Development’.

World hunger has been on the rise since 2015 and saw a dramatic increase as a result of COVID-19. The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) says the number of food-insecure people rose by 318 million in 2020, 86 million of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa, the region with the highest prevalence of food insecurity – 66 per cent of the population.

Malnutrition is linked to poverty, low levels of education and poor access to health, including reproductive health services and family planning. The Cost of Hunger in Africa (COHA) study has demonstrated a direct link between poor nutrition and economic development, estimating that countries lose between 2 to 16 per cent of their annual gross domestic product (GDP) because of childhood stunting. These challenges threaten the realisation of the AU’s Agenda 2063 ‘The Africa We Want’. Food security is essential to achieve the continent’s long-term goals.

With the 2022 theme, the AU highlights the paramount importance of adequate nutrition for health and wellbeing, stimulating human capital development and the socio-economic potential of individuals, families and communities.

2022 presents an opportunity to invest more effectively in nutrition and accelerate the march towards people-driven development that harnesses the power of women and youth. As the continent with the youngest population in the world, Africa can experience a ‘demographic dividend’, as seen in Asian Tiger countries, when the economically active population became larger than the dependent population, leading to increased growth and prosperity. When food security improves, health, well-being and productivity follow, increasing the likelihood of achieving a demographic dividend.

Nutrition and food security are a springboard for a positive health outcome and sustainable economic development. The impetus, driven by the top level of Africa’s governance, will improve the nutrition of millions of young people, who will become more productive as a result, as well as further reduce maternal deaths; thousands of pregnant women die each year from severe iron-deficiency anaemia.

Nutrition and food security programs will also transform the lives of more than a third of Africa’s population under the age of five years and these will, in turn, curb the enormous losses caused by malnutrition on the continent’s GDP.

Timely, integrated interventions

The focus on nutrition is timely, when according to the Ecological Threat Report 2021, climate change and demographic growth are driving increased food insecurity across the globe, with two ‘hotspots’ on the continent – southern Africa (from Angola to Madagascar) and the Sahel-Horn of Africa – both regions with weak socio-economic resilience, extreme ecological risk and a rapidly growing population.

By reinforcing the connection between nutrition and other key priority areas, this year’s theme is further evidence of the AU’s determination to tackle development challenges through integration.

Collaboration is key

There is a powerful multiplier effect when partnerships are built to upscale successful interventions. 2022 is an opportunity for new generation partnerships and UNFPA is committed to working closely with the AU and other partners to act to achieve priorities and implement the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the UN SDGs, as detailed in the UNFPA publication ‘GOAL 17: Partnership: UNFPA’s approach for the transformation of Africa and the world’.

 Good nutrition is fundamental in securing the Africa we want. Throughout this Africa’s Year of Nutrition, the UNFPA calls on the international community to support the AU and the efforts of His Majesty King Letsie III, the AU Nutrition Champion, to invest in African solutions that eradicate food insecurity on the continent.

For more information about the UNFPA visit

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NBC Grants DSB, IPTV Broadcast Licence To NYSC

The National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, has issued a DSB and IPTV broadcast license for Satellite Television broadcasting and Internet Television, respectively, to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Welcoming the DG, NYSC, Maj. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, to the Commission, the DG, NBC, Mall. Balarabe Shehu Ilelah, noted that the NBC is the agency saddled with the responsibility to regulate and monitor the broadcast industry in Nigeria.

DG NBC, Mall. Balarabe Shehu Ilelah

He added that he was very pleased that the NBC is today, carrying out one of its functions which is the issuance of a broadcast license to qualified organisations and the NYSC has proven that they are qualified.

The NBC Chief, pointed out that the National Broadcasting Commission issues broadcast licence in trust with full belief that it will be used for the purpose for which the licence was granted. He further urged the NYSC to adhere strictly to the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, while carrying out its operations.

Mall. Ilelah also congratulated Maj. Gen. S. Ibrahim on his elevation as a full General in the Nigeria Army, as well as, the good work the NYSC is doing in uniting the nation through its service scheme.

Receiving the provisional broadcast licence, Maj. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, expressed his delight in the licence issued to the body, saying it is one of his core goals to establish a broadcasting platform in order to help the NYSC inform the public on some of it’s projects and good works.

The presentation which took place on Wednesday 9th February, 2022, at the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja, had in attendance the DG NBC, Mall. Balarabe Shehu Ilelah; DG, NYSC, Maj. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim and the Managements of the NBC and NYSC.

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Prioritizing Patients Health Worldwide

Canon-Reap Solutions unveil ground-breaking Products

…..As life-in-person Arab Health Exhibition ends in Dubai

Story: Mohammed ABU, ADM, ACCRA.                  

Canon in partnership with Reap Solutions during the Arab Health Exhibition showcased the prestigious output of its Laser and inkjet products along with its third party Dicom solution, Canon Central & North Africa announced recently in Dubai.

The exceptional production printing products and solutions can further support healthcare and medical professionals in delivering optimum health opportunities for patients through uncompromised performance, comfort and safety features.

Strengthening its commitment to put the patient’s health at the heart of everything that’s done, the company’s ground-breaking products such as the imagePROGRAF TX-2100 printer built with an award-winning blue-film technology which was on display the announcement said, has the potential to revolutionize radiology printing in Egypt.

It is the company’s endeavor to provide radiology and medical professionals with solutions that can augment their efforts in contributing to the health and well-being of patients worldwide.

In an effort to work hand-in-hand with academic and industry partners to create market-leading solutions, the announcement added, Canon invited forty-five leading doctors from Egypt and garnered attendance from one hundred and fifty visitors from Africa, Middle East and India with a potential for distribution.

Other products, it added, showcased at the exhibition include Canon BLM50 and BLM35 Production Booklet makers that provide modular in-line booklet making solution for creating high-quality professional saddle-stitch and square fold booklets of up to 200 pages and are designed for centralized reprographic departments and commercial printers.

The imagePRESS C710 printer that offers production grade features at a budget friendly investment remained a popular choice amongst the visitors, it further added.

“At Canon, our aim has always been to put the customer need at the heart of everything that we do and provide intelligent solutions that meet not only the current but also future market demands ensuring results are achieved faster for better diagnosis process along with increased clinical confidence from the medical professionals. One of our products on display was the ultra-popular wide format printer TX-2100, that was earlier distributed to around hundred physicians and doctors across Egypt last year with the help of Reap Solutions.

Through this printer, our visions has been to ensure that the patient’s journey right from onboarding to diagnosis to actual medi-care remains transparent thereby elevating the level of confidence between the patients and doctors. As the pandemic has taught us, our solutions now need to be quick, safe, easy to decipher, environment-friendly and must allow for distance treatments if needed. With our state-of-the-art printing products, the results can be shared in best quality along with the lowest size on any application, to facilitate diagnosis from distance if needed. This creates a win-win situation for both patients and doctors, allowing convenience whilst ensuring safety,” commented Somesh Adukia, MD – Canon Central and North Africa.

Strengthening its commitment to put the patient’s health at the heart of everything that’s done, the company put on display its ground-breaking products such as the imagePROGRAF TX-2100 printer built with an award-winning blue-film technology that packs the potential to revolutionize radiology printing in Egypt.

In an effort to work hand-in-hand with academic and industry partners to create market-leading solutions, Canon invited forty-five leading doctors from Egypt and garnered attendance from one hundred and fifty visitors from Africa, Middle East and India with a potential for distribution. Other products showcased at the exhibition include Canon BLM50 and BLM35 Production Booklet makers that provide modular in-line booklet making solution for creating high-quality professional saddle-stitch and square fold booklets of up to 200 pages and are designed for centralized reprographic departments and commercial printers. The imagePRESS C710 printer that offers production grade features at a budget friendly investment remained a popular choice amongst the visitors.

The 24-inch multipurpose TX-2100 printer, with smart software and flexible borderless printing features also boasts innovative features such as hot swap ink tanks and an automatic media detecting system that can facilitate production workflows with full pigment ink and a water-resistant media option.

Canon and Reap Solutions further announced of their plans to prolong their partnership in an attempt to cover more opportunities within the medical sector and take the tried and tested products to newer territories. The company executives hinted at geographical expansion as well as product expansion with the aid of doctors and medical fraternity across different locations worldwide.

Ahmed El Okr, CEO of Reap Solutions remarked, “Last year has been a banner year for us at Reap Solutions as we have been able to provide radiologists, physicians, doctors and patients with unconventional printing solutions and reports that have proven to be vastly beneficial especially during the pandemic. Our know-how of the industry as well as our distribution landscape across different geographies gave us an upper hand in ensuring the right printing solutions were made available to doctors and healthcare professionals during the testing times of the pandemic.

“Furthermore, our association with Canon allowed us to explore innovative solutions that give doctors, physicians and medical professionals the opportunity to revert back to the basics i.e. printing on paper yet with the edge of film-like quality. One of the most crucial benefits of the printers was demonstrated in the Chest CT-scans for ribs, as it allows to scan in 3D and print in color, thus highly upgrading the quality to its previous counter-part method of laser printing. The radiology doctors unlike physicians require high printing quality as well as adjustments that can take their diagnostic process up a notch, thus Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX Series printers equipped with a 5-color LUCIA TD Pigment ink system capable of producing fine lines and sharp text, even on non-inkjet coated paper made the right fit for this job.”

“Additionally, the reports are now resistant to water, light, tears, rips or any kind of fading thereby allowing for a long-lasting archival system. Our solution breaks the barrier for report archival which can be crucial in significant cost and time savings for medical practitioners. Documentation of medical records is vital to advance diagnosis process, thus having the ability to archive reports for years is now essential. Canon’s blue-film technology incorporated printers come with all these benefits thereby making these products a pre-requisite for optimum healthcare. I am extremely grateful to Canon for supporting Reap Solutions right from the beginning even in the initial trial and testing phases and I am affirmative that together, we will bring a positive wave of change across the medical fraternity.”

Having received an overwhelming response at the Arab Health Exhibition, the announcement said, Canon and Reap Solutions will continue their partnership and are currently working with doctors, healthcare professionals in a bid to continuously enhance and evolve their solutions to meet the ongoing demands of the industry. Basis the success of Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX-2100 in optimizing the identification and diagnosis process for medical workers and doctors, the company plans to expand its product line that can drive valuable outcomes to positively impact medical professionals in enhancing their patients’ future.

Speaking on the matter, Somesh Adukia said, “We appreciate all the efforts done by the Reap team in taking our products to the market, their support has been a key contributor in ensuring that our innovative ideas reach the right minds at the right time. We will continue to work together to introduce new products as well as acquire newer territories that can benefit from these cutting-edge solutions.

“We are extremely proud of the difference we have been able to create in easing a patient’s journey through advanced and high-quality radiology reports that are also environment friendly. The extensive interest shown at our booth at Arab Health Exhibition by visitors that include leading doctors from across the African region is a testimony to the superior level of support our products can provide in assisting medical practitioners. Together with Reap Solutions, we are committed to building a brighter future for all with our state-of-the-art printing products.”


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