Need for Meaningful Message of Sustainability

Photojournalism to the rescue 

Story: Mohammed ABU, ADM, Accra

Fiona Shields, head of photography at Guardian News and Media Group and one of the Judges of the Canon sponsored “MOMENTS THAT MATTER” photographic competition says that, the power of photojournalism in sparking a positive change is undeniable and as such photographers have a great responsibility that comes with this power and so must industry leaders.

Competitions like “Moments that Matter” Fiona said, provide an opportunity for photographers to evaluate and submit their work which is then further amplified by editors who will be keen to place their stories in publications around the globe.

So what may start as a mere photograph in one part for the world she observed, may very well become the topic of discussion for the entire world tomorrow, that’s the power of photography.

The point of this award, Fiona said, is to highlight meaningful images that can spark the passion for sustainability and call people to action.

She also noted, that beyond simply presenting the problem, photographers of today need to engage their audiences and establish means of visual communication that are direct and not abstract.

“For instance, we found if we published images of polar bears on melting ice-caps, people were not necessarily moved as they didn’t think the problem was affecting them, whilst in reality climate crisis affects all. In order to drive home our message, we seek out images that have the potential to stir a conversation in people’s mind further generating engagement by highlighting the relatability factor”

Telling authentic stories with a humanitarian angle through images that allow people to walk in the shoes of your subject thereby elevating emotions and accentuating that connectivity aspect, Fiona noted, is a recipe for meaning.

“Posing questions to your audiences such as “what if this was your child?” or “imagine being here!” are simple yet utterly powerful ways to not only incite a reaction but to invoke those deeper feelings that make an individual even consider taking an action…that’s where truly meaningful engaged photojournalism lies” she intimated.

Photography, Fiona said, certainly acts as a catalyst to motivate action and inspire change; however a vital component of creating this broader conversation lies in offering solutions.

As important as it is to engage people with thoughtfully captured images, it is also helpful to offer solutions to the problem to avoid being bearers of solely grim news.

” Photography as an art can induce emotion, endearment, and passion striking a chord with the audience. Finding new and original ways to reach people is the foundation of any good photograph especially in the context of sustainability.

“While the whole world has drawn attention towards the subject of sustainability, photographers can really dig deep into this arena with powerful visual communication to bring a unique but relatable perspective”, Fiona underscored.

Our aim through ‘Moments that Matter’ Fiona said, is to provide an opportunity to harness the power of visual storytelling and motivate meaningful change.

“We are looking for photographs that capture moments and make sense of a complex scene with well-crafted framing that masters the art of expression. While quality and originality certainly influence visual outcomes, a key ingredient is a photographer’s ability to connect to a story, gaining the trust and preserving the dignity of the people/situation they are documenting.

“In fact, many photographers actually spend days or weeks just comprehending an overall scenario, understanding the context and gaining trust of their subject before ever lifting their cameras to take a picture. And of course, having a good eye for aesthetics helps to set the context whilst doing justice to the situation at hand” Fiona intimated.

Fiona recounting the early days of her career, discloses, “My encounter with the world of photography began as a journalism student. I found my passion and skills lay in the creative arena of visual expression rather than verbal expression, so led by my talents rather than an aspiration to write I entered the world of photography”.

In my experience, learning the art of seeing, evaluating and identifying a good image is as important as the craft of photography itself. What’s fascinating is that as a photo editor your talents are different to those of a photographer – who truth be told, are often too close to their work to be able to see it objectively.

“As a photo-editor, you view the work through the eyes of a reader understanding the dynamics of the image with the overall story much like a jigsaw puzzle, while the photographer sees only a part, the editor’s role is to assemble the whole puzzle” she further noted.


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Masari, Bindawa, CEO Max Air, others honoured with achievement and commendation awards

Batagarawa local government unity and development forum has honoured His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari CFR, Executive Governor of Katsina State, Ambassador Abdullahi Bindawa DSC, Youth Advisory Council Member United States Institute of Peace (USIP),  Alh.Dahiru Bara’u Mangal (CEO Max Air) among others with achievement and commendation awards.

The recipients were presented with their different awards during the 30th Year Anniversary of the creation of Batagarawa local government area of Katsina State with a paper presentation titled “ SECURITY: EVERY CITIZEN IS A STAKEHOLDER” presented by Dr. Sirajo Yakubu, HOD Department of International Law, Nile University Abuja.

Cross-section of participants

One of the award recipients and discussant Ambassador Abdullahi Bindawa DSC, enlightened the audience on the Role of Traditional Rulers & Religious Institutions, the Role of women and Youths, the Role of Civil Society Organizations in Preventing Violent Extremism & Banditry within the Northwest, The importance of Information Gathering/Sharing Information and Motivating our Securities Personnel’s and also The Positive impact and negative impact of Social Media toward National Security.

Award Recipients are His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari CFR, Executive Governor of Katsina State,  Alh.Dahiru Bara’u Mangal (CEO Max Air). Grand Khadi Ahmad Muhammad Batagarawa OFR,  Mallamawan Katsina, District Head of Batagarawa Alh.Muhammad Dikko Dalhatu. Barden Katsina, District Head of Ajiwa Alh.Bello Kabir Usman Nagogo. Deputy Director Ministry of Defence (MOD) Hajiya Hussaina Musa Dangiwa Fdc.

Presentation of certificate of commendation to Amb. Bindawa

Others are Professor Mamman Musa Adamu HOD Department of Arts & History, Ahmadu Bello University.  Dr Sirajo Yakubu HOD Department of International Law, Nile University Abuja. Assoc.Prof.Aminu Galadima HOD Department of Linguistic Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina.  Dr Hindatu Salisu Abubakar.   Ambassador Abdullahi Bindawa DSC, Youth Advisory Council Member United States Institute of Peace (USIP).  Sheikh Ishak Nuhu Batagarawa.  Dr Muttaka Maude.  Dr. Garba Idris Yar’gamji. Dr Habibu Ibrahim.  Professor Mamman Sule Malumfashi, VC Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina


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For the promotion of peace in the world: Sr. Wildanie Cupidon appointed Interfaith Ambassador in New York

Within the framework of the 35th Anniversary Fobana Convention Washington DC, Sr. Wildanie Cupidon has just been appointed inter-religious ambassador. The nun is thus identified among the personalities who militate for peace in the world.

It is moreover to strengthen her in this divine mission that she is now made an ambassador for peace and inter-religious dialogue. For the nun, it is the place to invite the different religious denominations to unity for peace in the world. Sr. Wildanie Cupidon says she is happy and proud to assume this heavy responsibility which she calls “a vocation in another vocation”. According to her, we can not have the same religious beliefs and militate together for a common idea: to save humanity from hatred, animosity, war.

The scourges are at the base of the conflicts and the misery which rages in the world. It is the responsibility of the religious to find a solution to these scourges. And this is the reason why Sr. Wildanie Cupidon calls for unity between religions to lead together this vital humanitarian struggle. It should be noted that a total of six religious denominations in the United States are signatories of the Certificate which consecrates Sr. Wildanie Cupidon as inter-religious ambassador.

Two other figures of peace were also appointed ambassadors, as was Sr. Wildanie Cupidon. They are Dr. Natacha J. Clerger and Ms. Edwina Paul. Abbas T.

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How Ajebi Tradomedical Bagged NUJ’s Best Alternative Medicare Award

In recognition of efforts towards the advancement of the efficacy of alternative medicine, the Oyo State Chapter of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has conferred an award of recognition on the CEO of the Ajebi Tradomedical, Alhaji Isiaka Awujoola during the celebration marking 2021 Press Week of the union.

Alh. Awujoola, who is also the Aare Musulumi of Ologuneru, Ibadan was presented with the award on Thursday at Press Centre Iyaganku Ibadan, during the Family and Veteran Day, where a lecture was also delivered by Dr. Festus Adedayo.

CEO of the Ajebi Tradomedical, Alhaji Isiaka Awujoola

Sen. Soji Akanbi, who advised the recipient to keep up the good work he’s doing to attract such exalted honour from the NUJ.

Sen. Soji Akanbi, who chaired the occasion and presented the award to Awujoola in his speech, noted that the recipients must have done something significant to be so recognised, urging them to do more by continuing to promote the efficacy of the alternative Medicare.

The Chairman of Oyo NUJ, Demola Babalola in his remarks said “there is no gainsaying to the fact that as the fourth estate of the realm, we have been keeping a tab on all hardworking individuals and well-meaning Nigerians who have contributed greatly to their immediate environment and that is why am going to shower encomiums on this recipient for his creditable feat”.

Alh. Awujoola in his response thanked the NUJ for the honour while describing it as proof of recognition of the relevance of African traditional medicine in health care delivery services in Nigeria.

“Firstly, African traditional medicine practitioners provided the earliest medical care in Nigeria. Secondly, the World Health Organisation has recognized the need to integrate traditional medicine on orthodox medicine when it defines it, as the total combination of knowledge and practices. And thirdly, there are claims by the practitioners that since orthodox medicine cannot cure all diseases; hence, they can intervene in the areas where orthodox medicine is weak”, Awujoola noted.

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ENTERTAINMENT: Fatima Boubakdi, Glory Mununko wins awards as Ecrans Noirs film festival celebrates the richness of African cinema

Moroccan film director Fatima Boubakdi won first prize at the Ecrans Noirs film festival held in Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon.

Glory Mununko received the prize for best African actress and Narcisse Wandji won two prizes, for best Cameroonian film and best script at the Ecrans Noirs. African news reports

“It’s really all the ingenuity but more so all the passion that animated us, that drives us, guides us throughout the making of the film. And the fact that we are receiving it at home is doubly important for us, I mean the prize” confessed Cameroonian director, Narcisse Wandji.

Several special prizes were also awarded to great applause.

Film screenings, debates, and contacts between producers, directors, and actors were also part of the 25th edition of the Ecrans Noirs festival.

The need to support African cinema was one conclusion that emerged from these meetings.

“I had a lot of discussions with several young people and it hurts my heart because there are not many ways to help them. The State must invest a lot in this field”, claims film director Bouchaib El Messaoudi.

In normal circumstances, the festival would attract thousands of spectators.

The pandemic however forced the organisers to reduce the number of visitors.

“Coronavirus has had an impact on the attendance here at the Palais des Sports this year compared to the previous year. But you know that at the moment there are many events that Cameroon is organising, preparing the CAN. And there are many people who preferred to reserve themselves to better invest in the CAN”, said filmmaker Gerad Bessoko.

More than 70 films were screened and 25 films were in competition at this edition which highlighted the richness of African cinema.

Africanews correspondent Lambert Ngouanfo adds:

“The great event for film lovers ends on a note of hope. A hope that prefigures a better future for African cinema. However, we noticed less enthusiasm from visitors this time compared to previous editions. For the organizers of the festival, the pandemic of Covid-19 has left a mark.

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2021 Africa’s Business Heroes Winners Announced (See List)

Entrepreneurs from Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria make the Top Three; top 10 Finalists pitched live in a virtual grand finale connecting 14 locations across the world.

The 2021 Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) ( winners were announced last night during a virtual live Grand Finale, with US$1.5 million in grant funding awarded to the top 10 finalists. The Top 10 represent seven African countries, with 80% operating businesses in rural areas and half of the finalists are female.

Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) is a flagship philanthropic programme established by the Jack Ma Foundation to help foster an inclusive and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa. The annual competition, now in its third year, shines a spotlight on talented African entrepreneurs who are working to make a difference in their communities and helping to build a more sustainable, inclusive future. The ABH competition is grassroots-oriented as well as age, gender, language, and sector agnostic.

This year, over 12,000 applications were received from all 54 countries in Africa. The finalists were chosen after several rounds of rigorous evaluation conducted by over 230 judges. They were selected after demonstrating that they are visionary entrepreneurs who embodied innovation, resilience, growth potential, and impact on Africa.

Hundreds of viewers from 49 countries worldwide registered to watch the live online grand finale and visit the virtual exhibition, following the finalists as they pitched their businesses to a final panel of esteemed judges: Ibukun Awosika, Founder and CEO of The Chair Centre Group; Victor Williams, NBA Africa CEO; and Joe Tsai, Executive Vice Chairman of Alibaba Group.

The top three Africa’s Business Heroes for 2021 are:

1st – winning $300,000 – Khadija Mohamed Elbedweihy – Founder, PraxiLabs ( (Egypt)

2nd – winning $250,000 – Ikenna Nzewi – Co-founder and CEO, Releaf ( (Nigeria)

3rd – winning $150,000 – Navalayo Osembo-Ombati – Co-founder and CEO, Enda Athletic ( (Kenya)

All of Africa’s Business Heroes are inspiring leaders who are actively pursuing their passions and helping Africa take its rightful place on the world stage

“I’m very humbled to be named Africa’s Business Hero. This competition has been an incredible journey. I have learned important lessons from each judge and from my fellow talented entrepreneurs. I hope that this win inspires many young Africans to believe, that we have what it takes to make an impact where we are. It has been a challenging year for many businesses, but challenges are key to building our resilience. PraxiLabs is solving pressing issues around education and training, and we will remain focused and determined to change how Africa learns and teaches science, one virtual lab at a time,” said the winner, Khadija Mohamed Elbedweihy, Founder at PraxiLabs.

The other finalists will each receive $100,000 in prize funding, and an additional $10,000 will be allocated to each finalist for a training program to be hosted in Alibaba Group’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

The finale judges were impressed with the caliber of the finalists and their businesses, commenting:

“This is the third time I have been a Grand Finale judge for Africa’s Business Heroes competition, meeting many exceptional business women and men from across Africa. Each year, I’m struck by their sheer talent and the commitment to developing creative, innovative solutions to the challenges we face on the continent. It truly is “Africa’s time” and these outstanding entrepreneurs are the ones who embody its future of growth and relevant solution-based innovation,” said Ibukun Awosika, Founder and CEO of The Chair Centre Group.

“I want to congratulate the winners of this year’s Africa’s Business Heroes competition.  Entrepreneurship – like sport – is a transformative force for positive social change and economic growth.  All of Africa’s Business Heroes are inspiring leaders who are actively pursuing their passions and helping Africa take its rightful place on the world stage. I look forward to engaging with all of them as they continue their entrepreneurial journeys on the continent,” highlighted Victor Williams, NBA Africa CEO.

“This year’s Top 10 finalists came from inspiring personal stories that is invaluable not only to their teams and communities but to many would-be entrepreneurs across the continent who are thinking about pursuing this path. The kind of talent and passion I saw among this year’s Africa’s Business Heroes is unrivaled around the world. They are innovators and problem-solvers, but most importantly, they have a driving sense of mission and social impact. Congratulations to all of our winners and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish next,” said Joe Tsai, Executive Vice Chairman of Alibaba Group.

Africa’s Business Heroes TV show will air in 2022. The show will follow the finalists in their exciting journey to the grand finale and feature their on-stage pitches as well as behind-the-scenes moments from the competition. The award ceremony from the 2021 finale will soon be available to watch on ABH official YouTube (

Applications for the 2022 ABH prize will open in early 2022. For news and updates visit

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Sister Wildanie Cupidon wins Global Humanitarian Excellence Award 2021.

Sister Wildanie Cupidon has won the GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2021 which is constituted for the peculiar people in a year only.

The award was bestowed on her at the occasion of the death anniversary of St. Mother Teresa and International day of Charity through the Award Committee of URF World Records and URB..

This was confirmed and announced by Wildanie Cupidon in a chat with African Development Magazine.

” This award is the recognition of my loyal humanitarian service, dedications with a great heart to spread the Love, Peace, Humanity, and Harmony in the Society and around the world in International level.”. she said.

Sister Wildanie Cupidon devoted her life to the poor and downtrodden after receiving her consecration as consecrated Virgin.

She founded Wildanie Cupidon foundation n 2009 with the aim of uplifting the homeless, the sick, and the orphaned around the world. Today, she is a world-renowned social activist. She is also the Foundress of the missionary brothers and sisters of our Lady of Victory with the dedication to work in the abandoned area where people are scared.

Congratulations !!!

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IOM announces winners for 2021 West and Central Africa Migration Journalism Awards

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 West and Central Africa Migration Journalism Awards following an awards ceremony that took place on Wednesday.

Choosing the best writing and reporting in a given year is an impossible task, as well as an entirely subjective enterprise. But it is also rewarding and fulfilling to get to read and watch so many great pieces. This is why this journalist competition aims at fostering quality and balanced reporting on migration subject-matters in West and Central Africa including environmental migration, migrant reintegration, awareness-raising about risks and alternatives to irregular migration, and alternatives to irregular migration.

IOM conducts hands-on media training for journalists and returned migrants across West and Central Africa. Credit: IOM/Amanda Nero 2021

The competition celebrates journalists who bring attention to the many facets of migration in West and Central Africa in both the French and English languages. In light of important discussions at COP26, Olatunji Olaigbe highlights in his winning entry the impact of climate change on people’s movements and how rising temperatures and drought in Nigeria have caused conflicts over lands affecting farmers’ livelihoods and forcing them to relocate. Mental health and the stigmatization that many returned migrants face upon their return home is highlighted in Innocent Duru’s winning entry. The 8 winners were announced during a virtual award ceremony which was moderated by CNN Journalist Eleni Giokos. Each of the winners received up to USD 1,250 each and a plaque of recognition.

Alpha Seydi Ba, IOM Spokesperson for the Regional Office in West and Central Africa is convinced that “the role of journalists in clearly understanding the different dynamics of migration, is crucial. The deconstruction of stereotypes begins with shifting the narrative that underpins the anti-migrant feeling and continues with the sensitization on multiple levels. Migration is beneficial to migrants and the hosting communities. Therefore, stories related to migration must be accurate, fair, balanced. This is vital, as it contributes to preserving the dignity of migrants.”

The complete list of winners:

The role of journalists in clearly understanding the different dynamics of migration, is crucial


  1. Vice Nigeria’s Olatunji Olaigbe of Nigeria for his piece in English The Climate Crisis Is Driving Violent Conflicts Over Farmland
  2. Blog de Foulaty’s (Mondoblog RFI) Aly Abdelkader Foulaty of Chad for his piece in French Tchad: à cause des inondations, N’Djaména traverse des moments difficiles


  1. The Nations Newspaper’s Innocent Duru of Nigeria for his piece in English Our battles with depression, stigmatization after return from Libya
  2. Ghana News Agency’s Samuel Osei-frempong of Ghana for his piece in English Catholic Relief Services offers renewed hope to returned migrants and at-risk migrant communities
  3. Ortn TV’s Hamidou Diop Amadou of Niger for his piece in French Aneker L’espoir renait


  1. TV360 Nigeria’s Oyinkansola Adekunle of Nigeria for her piece in English Labour Migration During a Pandemic
  2. Hebdomagazine’s Fatou Sagar Diop of Senegal for her piece in French Migration sud-sud : Opportunités et potentialités économiques en dérive
  3. KU Radio’s Chinedu Ekeja of Nigeria for his piece in English Youth in Benin City, Nigeria are picking up skills in High Demand
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2021 Africa’s Business Heroes Awards Ceremony

ABH is set to celebrate the top business heroes of the year.

This event will be the culmination of the 2021 Africa’s Business Heroes competition, where we will crown the Top Business Hero for the year!

This year we are creating an incredible virtual stage for our Top 10 finalists, and we would be honored to have you join us at this event with our distinguished judges – Ibukun Awosika (Founder and CEO, The Chair Centre Group), Joe Tsai (Executive Vice Chairman, Alibaba Group), Strive Masiyiwa (Founder and Executive Chairman, Econet Group) and Victor Williams (CEO, NBA Africa).

The awards ceremony will be live-streamed on our website, using the details below:

Streaming Link:

Date: 17th of November 2021 . Duration: 1 hour

Time: 8:30pm GMT | 9:30pm WAT | 10:30pm CAT | 11:30pm EAT

Our incredible host Anita Erskine will preside over the exciting program which also includes some very special guest performances!

The Top 10 heroes hoping to claim the title are:

Ghirmay Abrham – Aptech Africa

Navalayo Osembo-Ombati – Enda

Oghenetega Iortim – Gricd

Yvette Ishimwe – IRIBA Water Group Ltd

Charlot Magayi – Mukuru Clean Stoves

Khadija Mohamed Elbedweihy – PraxiLabs

Chidi Nwaogu – Publiseer

Ikenna Nzewi – Releaf

Violet Amoabeng – Skin Gourmet

Ketshephaone Jacob – The Bulb World (Pty) Ltd

Join us as we find out who the 2021 Top Africa’s Business Hero is!


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AWIEF Announces Top Finalists for 2021 Awards

Leading Pan African entrepreneurship with innovation and non-profit organization, the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) has announced the top finalists in its annual awards to celebrate women business leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa.

Twenty-four outstanding women founders and entrepreneurs were selected by an independent panel of judges, as top finalists for the 2021 AWIEF Awards across 8 different categories. The 24 finalists represent women-owned businesses operating in 11 African countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

The AWIEF Awards winners will be announced at a ceremony and gala dinner on 3 December 2021, following on from the 2021 AWIEF Conference. AWIEF hosts the 7th edition of its prestigious and benchmarking annual AWIEF Conference this year as a hybrid (virtual and in-person) event, on 2 and 3 December 2021. The venue for the in-person AWIEF Conference and AWIEF Awards ceremony will be the Marriot Hotel Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme for AWIEF 2021 Conference is: ‘Advancing inclusive, resilient and sustainable growth in a post-COVID-19 African economy’.

“AWIEF remains steadfast in its efforts to promote and support women entrepreneurship development and innovation in Africa. With the AWIEF Awards, we identify and shine the spotlight on inspirational women entrepreneurs and innovators, driving growth for Africa,” said Irene Ochem, AWIEF Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“It was an absolute delight to judge the AWIEF Awards once again this year. The standard and quality of the nominations and businesses continue to be high. The judging panel had a hard time choosing the top finalists from the numerous inspirational and outstanding women entrepreneurs who, through their businesses, are creating opportunities and positively impacting lives and communities,” commented Birgitta Cederstrom, Frost & Sullivan’s Business Development Director for Middle East and Africa.

The finalists for the 2021 AWIEF Awards are (names in alphabetical order):

Phyllis Addo, Co-Director, Rhema Engineering Solutions (Ghana)
Tao Boyle, Co-founder and COO, FoondaMate (South Africa)
Alexandria Procter, Co-founder and CEO, (South Africa)

Ivy Barley, Co-founder, Developers in Vogue Foundation (Ghana)
Evelyn Kaiingu, CEO, Lupiya (Zambia)
Kathryn Malherbe, CEO, Medsol AI Solutions (South Africa)

AWIEF remains steadfast in its efforts to promote and support women entrepreneurship development and innovation in Africa

Gudula Naiga Basaza, Managing Director, Gudie Leisure Farm (Uganda)
Zandile Mkhwanazi and Tinyiko Simbine, Co-founders, GirlCode (South Africa)
Angela Juliana Odero, Managing Director, Rio Fish Ltd (Kenya)

Hadia M. Gondji, Founder and Managing Director, Hadiya Seed Production and Agro Industry Plc (Ethiopia)
Jo-andra Cloete Greegory, CEO, Our Poultry Place (South Africa)
Fortunatha Mmari, Co-Founder and Managing Director, AFCO Investment Co. Ltd (Tanzania)

Cynthia Asije, Creative Director, The Adirelounge (Nigeria)
Nadia Takyiwaa-Mensah, Founder and CEO, Sai Wine Café (Ghana)
Susan Wanjiru, Founder and Creative Lead, Lockhem Kids Entertainment (Kenya)

Ifeoma Malo, CEO, Clean Technology Hub (Nigeria)
Tumi Mphahlele, Founder and Director, Amperion Energy (South Africa)
Josephine Takundwa, CEO, Earthlink Technologies (Zimbabwe)

Jackie Bomboma, Founder and CEO, Young Strong Mothers Foundation (Tanzania)
Djénéba Gory, Co-founder and COO, Suadela (Mali)
Gehad Hamdy, Founder and Manager, Speak Up (Egypt)

Margaret Hirsch, Co-founder and Executive Director, Hirsch’s Homestores (South Africa)
Tabitha Karanja, Founder and CEO, Keroche Breweries (Kenya)
Lucia Quachey, Founder and President, Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Ghana)


To register to attend the AWIEF 2021 Conference and the AWIEF Awards either virtually or in-person, please click here:

Click to view:

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