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Sports News: Media Accreditation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Now Open

FIFA ( and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC (Q22) are pleased to announce that the media accreditation process for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is now open for media and non-rights holders. The deadline for submitting accreditation requests is 15 August 2022. An explanatory video of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 accreditation process is available here (

Access to the media accreditation form requires a unique control key. FIFA’s member associations have received a quota of written press and photographer accreditations for distribution to their national media organisations and representatives. Once a media representative has received a control key from your member association or media organisation, they will be able to apply for accreditation via the FIFA Media Hub (

Non-rights holders (NRHs) are radio and television companies without broadcasting rights for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. NRHs will be able to apply for media accreditation without a control key. It should be stressed that the number of NRH accreditations will be very limited and that there will be no access to stadiums on matchdays.

FIFA TV will be directly responsible for the accreditation of Media Rights Licensees (rights-holding television and radio stations). The FIFA Broadcaster Servicing team is in regular contact with the Media Rights Licensees and will inform them directly about the accreditation procedure and other accreditation-related matters.

The deadline for submitting accreditation requests is 15 August 2022

A reference document with tips and guidelines for media accreditation is also available here ( .

A unique and compact FIFA World Cup™

The FIFA World Cup 2022™ will be the most compact edition of the tournament since the inaugural edition in 1930. With four matches a day during the group stage for the first time, all the action will be concentrated in and around Doha, with no internal flights needed and the possibility to book one single accommodation for the entire tournament.

For the benefit and comfort of accredited journalists, FIFA and Q22 will make the best of this unique set-up and offer centralised, state-of-the-art infrastructure and services to accredited media. The Main Media Centre (MMC) will be co-located with the International Broadcasting Centre at the DECC and serve as a transportation hub to Team Base Camps on the day before the matches and to the eight astonishing stadiums – the closest being Education City Stadium, only four kilometres from the MMC, and the furthest, Al Bayt Stadium, 45 kilometres away.

For planning purposes, please note that media will only be able to register to attend a maximum of two non-subsequent matches per day, and only during the group stage. This is to allow enough travel time between venues. The MMC, however, will offer fully equipped facilities for accredited media to follow the matches and post-match press conferences remotely. In addition, all pre-match press conferences on matchday-1 will be centralised at the MMC.


While rooms have been pre-reserved for accredited media, journalists interested in securing their reservation should contact the FIFA World Cup 2022 Accommodation Agency ( via as soon as possible. The deadline for hotel reservations is 31 July.

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Afghanistan: Taliban Govt. bans women participation on national issues

Taliban in Afghanistan has announced that females are banned from participating in large gatherings to address issues of national unity.

The new development was announced on Wednesday by the acting deputy prime minister, Abdul Salam Hanafi.

He told state broadcaster RTA that the gathering, the first of its kind since the Taliban took over in August 2021, would start on Thursday.

When asked if women would attend, Hanafi said male delegates would represent women.

“The women are our mothers, sisters, we respect them a lot, when their sons are in the gathering it means they are also involved, in a way, in the gathering.

“Different people with different views are going to gather. This will be a positive step for stability in Afghanistan and strengthening national unity.’’

Hanafi said religious leaders had asked for the gathering to address an Islamic system of government and economic and social issues.

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Netflix Plans ‘Squid Game’ Reality Show, To Generate $900Million With Record $4.56Million Cash Prize

Netflix has announced a new reality TV show, Squid Game: The Challenge.

The company disclosed this in a statement, adding that the “Squid Game” will be without any of the blood and gore and contestants will not lose their lives, CNBC reports.

The streaming platform said the game will pit 456 contestants against each other in a series of games inspired by the hit show.

Up for grabs is a $4.56 million reward — which Netflix says is the largest cash prize in reality TV history.

“The stakes are high, but in this game, the worst fate is going home empty-handed,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

Netflix has opened casting for the show to English-language speakers around the world. Filming will take place in the U.K. The series is being co-produced by production firms Studio Lambert and The Garden, which is part of British broadcaster ITV.

Released in 2021, “Squid Game” quickly became an international success.

Squid Game is Netflix’s most-watched show of all time with people dedicating 1.65 billion hours of viewing time in the first 28 days of its release.

Set in South Korea, “Squid Game” sees 456 players in financial hardship risk their lives through various deadly children’s games for a large cash prize. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the show’s creator, took inspiration for the show from his own family’s struggles after the 2008 financial crisis. A second series is now officially in the works.

Netflix said “Squid Game: The Challenge” will feature games from the original series as well some “surprising new additions.” It will comprise 10 episodes in total.

The show could be a way for Netflix to use some of its lucrative content to bring more users to the platform. The company is facing headwinds from the impact of rising inflation, the removal of Covid-19 restrictions and competition from rival firms like Disney.

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TOURISM: Botswana to translocate 500 elephants to Mozambique

Two years after pledging 500 elephants to Mozambique as a gift, Botswana says the animals are set to be translocated in the near future.

This was revealed by President Mokgweetsi Masisi during a three-day state visit by Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi that ends on Good Friday.

“I wish to reiterate Botswana’s donation of 500 elephants to Mozambique. We look forward to their subsequent translocation to Mozambique in the near future and are very keen to see them finally roaming their new habitat,” Masisi told journalists during Nyusi’s visit.

Masisi first made the offer in 2018 according to Todayng reports.

The 15 000-strong elephant population in Mozambique is in the Niassa Reserve, a protected area, covering 42 000km².

Last year, it was reported that conservationists had discovered female elephants in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park which had been born without tusks.

Some researchers said the reason behind the tuskless elephants was an evolutionary response to the brutal killing of elephants for their ivory tusks during Mozambique’s 15-year civil war.

The large-scale killings were because of a rise in demand for tusks by criminal networks to fund the civil war in Mozambique.

Keep The World Wild, an animal conservation organisation, said between 2002 and 2013, the Central African forest elephant population dropped by 65% and its range shrank by 30%.

Some populations of savannah elephants have also suffered major losses in Tanzania and Mozambique, where recent surveys show their numbers have dropped by 60% and 40%, respectively in the past five years.

Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC) said the country had lost an estimated 10 000 elephants between 2009 and 2011 in the Niassa Reserve.

Meanwhile, in Botswana, the Journal of African Elephants reports that “two massive bulls have been killed in the last few weeks in northern Botswana”.

The journal said one of the elephants had tusks weighing 45.3kg, making it the largest elephant to be hunted in Botswana since 1996.

The other elephant hunted had tusks weighing 40.8kg.

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DRC refugees deported for looting food at refugee camp in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean government deported about 70 refugees back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in violation of international humanitarian law, the United States Embassy in Harare said.

Officials rounded up 80 refugees who were alleged to have looted food rations from the Tongorara Refugee Camp’s warehouse and put them in a Harare prison. Ten were found not guilty and the rest were deported according to Todayng.

“In August (last year) the government removed approximately 80 refugees accused of looting a food supply warehouse from Tongogara Refugee Camp and placed them in detention in Harare.

“The government forcibly returned approximately 70 of these refugees to the DRC in violation of international law, according to an international organisation,” the US Embassy said in its recently released 2021 Human Rights Report on Zimbabwe.

Established in 1984, the Tongogara Refugee Camp, near Chipinge, has a capacity of 15 000 refugees. Many use it as a transit zone as they escape into South Africa.

The DRC rejected some of the alleged thieving refugees only for them to be returned to Zimbabwe and put in prisons.

“DRC authorities rejected approximately 15 of these, whom the government then placed in detention facilities in Harare,” the report stated.

It was also noted in the report that despite a strict “encampment policy” that requires refugees to stay at the camp, some moved into the two major cities, Harare and Bulawayo.

“At year’s end, approximately 850 refugees lived in urban areas, including Harare and Bulawayo and more than 6 500 Mozambican asylum seekers lived among host communities along the porous border with Mozambique,” the report stated, adding that a substantive number of refugees were in Zimbabwean prisons.

Since legally, refugees in Zimbabwe should be in camps, employment opportunities in the outside world are non-existent. As such, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other partners provide camp residents employment opportunities, including banana farming, livestock production and soap production.

The report noted that many refugees were unwilling to return to their home countries voluntarily. Therefore, resettlement was the only viable solution.

However, Zimbabwe does not allow resettlement for refugees and pushes for their repatriation instead.

“While the government did not accept refugees from foreign countries for resettlement, it facilitated the voluntary repatriation of refugees to their home countries by recognising the Voluntary Repatriation Declaration Form as a valid document for travel purposes,” the report stated.

The report also highlighted that there was prolonged detention for undocumented migrants, who are often mistreated by other prisoners.

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Revealing Africa Afresh- ADM

African Development Magazine is the media of choice for the upper echelon of Africa, top decision-makers, heads of governments at all levels, and corporate organizations. The magazine is widely circulated among the diplomatic corps, international government agencies, international financial houses, development corporations, and non-governmental bodies.

A crop of highly mobile professionals in the continent will be a prime contact that will give value to what your business or event is meant to achieve as long as we amplified it.


Barter is understood as the exchange or trade of goods, products or services without using money as a form of payment. In other words, it is a systematic way of exchanging goods between two people. It is an agreement in which two companies will exchange their goods or services to cater to the function and supply the needs of their businesses or events as it may occur.

If both parties look to have a partnership, they should make sure that they would stick to the end of their bargain with the things they would trade and exchange whether it may be goods or services. All that matters is that both would be able to benefit from it and grow and that’s why ADM offers barter to promote businesses.


We are circulating by subscription and spots sales in New York, UK, Canada, Johannesburg, Gambia, Accra, Nigeria, Benin , Ghana, Senegal, Kenya and our total monthly print run of 100,000 copies are positioned to take you to your desired prospects.


We recommend for effective communication that will elicit response, a full page positioning advertisement in any special section of African Development Magazine that will be apt to entice your clientele.


African Development Magazine is published monthly circulated in all major cities in Africa, in addition to our online 24hour news driven website: that will host our entire advertisements in each edition for sixty days per edition to give our advertisers more time to penetrate the market.

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Culture & Tourism

Interview with Nira Fisher, Director of International Relations, Ministry of Tourism in Israel

The tourism industry is the second-fastest-growing in the world before the Covid-19 outbreak that claimed lives, crashed the economy, and affect the growth of tourism.

Global tourism suffered a setback because millions of tourism workers are jobless right now due to the pandemic, airlines have grounded nearly two-thirds of their planes, and cruise ships are docked but gradually bouncing back.

Nira Fisher is a Director of International Relations, Ministry of Tourism in Israel with vast experience having worked 11 years in the Ministry of Tourism, worked for 12 years in the hotel industry, served 5 years as the Tourism Console of Israel to the Nordic Countries and 18 months in my current position as Director of International Relations.

Born and lived her whole life in Jerusalem. Nira bagged a Master’s degree in Tourism Management which has broadened her experience is in marketing tourism overseas.

Nira discussed with ADEWALE ADENRELE  when tourism will return to normality and the selling point of Israel which is the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Sea of Galilee.

Below are excerpts:

As the Director of International Relations, Ministry of Tourism, how long precisely do you think global travel will resume to its normal pace?

We estimate that it will take at least till 2024 to return to normality. Maybe not the full numbers of 2019, but things will start to look normal and in good numbers.

In tourism, we have aspects of tourism like educational tourism, religious tourism, medical tourism which area has Israel selling point of tourism to  the world?

The main thing Israel is known for is being the Holy Land. Jerusalem, Nazareth, and the Sea of Galilee are unique to Israel. Adding to that is the beaches, the weather; the reach culinary brings Israel to be something that any tourist want to visit at one point in life.

 Can you tell us the major attractions in Israel?

The 3000 years of history in the bible are the main attractions and you cannot skip the old city of Jerusalem or be in the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea.

Early 2020 before the pandemic outbreak, the tourism celebrated a record year for traffic. Now, it’s decimated and facing a recovery that could be time. Can you tell us how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected travel and tourism industry?

As in any other country the pandemic stopped inbound tourism to Israel for almost two years. We depended a lot on domestic tourism. We tried our best to support the tourism industry in grants and education options.

The pandemic affects millions of people who depend on tourism were laid off or furloughed. How do you think tourism can bounce back and survive?

This is a free market and the ones that are giving good service and value for the money will be the ones leading the entire industry out of the crisis.

 Many destinations anticipate travelers’ behavior will change in the virus’s wake. What have measures are in place  to sensitize and educate potential tourists/travelers to erase the fear of covid-19?

From our checks, we know that the new traveler will look for places that are not so crowded and ore into the nature experience. We are developing the rural area of Israel to be ready for foreign tourists.

African Development Magazine would like to partner Ministry of tourism in Israel for coverage of tourism activities, would you support this development and give us a chance?

I am sorry but the African market, for now, is not our main market and we are holding all investment in that market to 2024 at least.

Thanks for sharing with African Development Magazine.

Thank you and welcome.


ADM 2022

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Many tourism businesses going back to business with new hopes – Dror Flomin, DFM CEO

Dror Flomin is an expert in lead generation and promotion of travel agencies located outside of Israel with vast knowledge and experience in the travel and tourism sector both locally and internationally.

As a successful leader, facilitator, he had developed a unique methodology for connecting Israelis with recommended local travel agencies in destination countries, usually in exotic places where the travelers need a driver and a guide along the trip. He also helps travel agencies get a stream of quality leads and increase their business significantly.

In an interview with ADENRELE ADEWALE, the DFM CEO speaks about his focus on outbound tourism and how coronavirus affected the tourism sector.

Below are excerpts:

What are the challenges you faced while doing travel and tourism business and how did you overcome them?

While traveling to exotic countries, usually it will be better to travel in a private tour with your own guide/driver. I found out that usually home country agencies do not really know how to plan such tour and are using for that a local agency at the destination.  This mediation makes the planning phase inefficient and more expansive tour.  The challenge is to find a great and trustable travel agency at the destination country and work directly with him.

In tourism, we have aspect of tourism like educational tourism, religious tourism, medical tourism and cultural tourism, which area is Israel selling point of tourism to world?

My focus is outbound tourism from Israel

As an expert in lead generation and promotion of travel agencies outside of Israel., how long precisely do you think global travel will resume to its normal pace?

The prophecy was given to the those who fall for it … for now, with the repeating Covid waves and species,  no one knows if and when we will  get back to a normal pace. We can only hope.

Early 2020 before the pandemic outbreak, the global tourism celebrated a record year for travel. Now, it’s decimated and facing a recovery that could possibly take some time. Can you tell us how Covid-19 pandemic has affected travel and tourism industry?

Travel and tourism industry were the most affected sectors due to the corona virus. Businesses in this sector died in one month! It was something nobody could expect it can happen. All travel agencies and air companies needed to stop all business and refund clients, pay rent and salaries without any income. It was like a nightmare.

The pandemic affects millions of people who depend on tourism were laid off or furloughed. How do you think tourism can bounce back and survive?

The human mankind is very adaptive and now we can see many tourism businesses going back to business with new hopes but with caution. I trust them to find their way. All of us just waiting to the minute we feel that travel is safe and will try to compensate for the lost years without traveling.

Many destinations anticipate travelers’ behavior will change in the virus’s wake. What measure have you put in place to sensitize and educate potential tourist /travelers to erase the fear of covid-19?

During the last two years traveling in nature area felt safer so this was the focus together with efforts to find countries and areas that its hotel implemented very safe rules to let their customer feel safe.

In the last few months Corona virus was less aggressive so for now people feel safer to travel but not everyone.

African Development Magazine would like to partner your organization for media tour promotion and coverage of tourism activities, would you support this development and give us a chance?

We can discuss the possibilities in due course

Thank you for sharing with ADM

You are welcome


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12 Million Nigerian Students to Have Increased Access to Education Through New Learning Passport

The Government of Nigeria, UNICEF and partners today launched the Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP), an online, mobile and soon-to-be offline learning platform that will provide continuous education to 3 million learners in 2022 alone, and a total of 12 million by 2025.

“To ensure continuity of learning for all children and the resilience of education systems to future shocks, we must change and reimagine the education sector,” said Nigerian Vice-President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, represented by Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education.

“Deploying innovations that rethink the current methodologies, including new approaches to delivering education in ways that defy the digital divide, and ensuring learning continuity in emergencies, has become imperative.”

The Nigerian Learning Passport is designed for pre-primary, primary and secondary school learning. Children, youth, and teachers can access a digitalized curriculum providing learning materials in all core curriculum subjects for Primary One to Six, and all Junior and Senior Secondary School classes.

A learner can register on the platform using any device with a web browser, or through the NLP mobile application, to access a variety of high-quality learning content.

With the launch, Nigeria has joined 20 other countries in the world where the Learning Passport is reaching children with improved learning opportunities.

“Before COVID-19, about 10.5 million Nigerian children aged between 5 and 14 were not in school. Today in Nigeria, more than 9.7 million children are at risk of never returning to school, their learning left behind. The Learning Passport can help change that,” said Catherine Russell, UNICEF’s Executive Director, in a goodwill message at the launch in Abuja, Nigeria.

By offering simple, easy, and fun ways to learn, as well as tailor-made training programmes, the Learning Passport will help respond to the needs of every child

“By offering simple, easy, and fun ways to learn, as well as tailor-made training programmes, the Learning Passport will help respond to the needs of every child. With online, offline, and mobile options, it can help us reach the most vulnerable and marginalized learners,” said Catherine Russell.

Nigeria’s education sector faces many challenges that have contributed to keeping more than 10.5 million children out of school in Africa’s most populous nation.

One of these challenges is access to quality learning, exacerbated in recent times by attacks on learning institutions and abduction of students. Both have made parents fearful of sending their children to school. The disruption to education by school attacks has meant millions of children have significantly missed out on learning they would have acquired if they had been in the classroom.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the digital divide two-thirds of the world’s children face, having no access to internet in their homes. This lack of connectivity affects low-income countries and rural regions in greater proportions and puts children and youth in these areas at greater risk of missing out on education, perpetuating inequalities.

“Both the digital divide and COVID-19 have shown us that we must innovate to help Nigerian children fulfil their right to an education,” said Peter Hawkins, UNICEF Representative in Nigeria. “We appreciate the partnership with Microsoft, the Global Partnership for Education, and all partners who collaborated with the Federal Ministry of Education on this project to provide continuous learning access to children in Nigeria.”

The NLP is supported by GenU 9JA (Generation Unlimited in Nigeria), with the aim of delivering connectivity and digital learning to young Nigerians at scale. Partners such as IHS Towers and Airtel are currently connecting schools to the internet and providing zero-rated data to ensure that UNICEF can deploy the NLP in connected schools and reach millions of children with digital learning.

GenU 9JA has an ambitious objective to support 20 million young Nigerians (aged 10 to 24) to transition from learning to earning and delivering data, digital learning, job-related skills, and livelihood opportunities by 2030.

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Culture & Tourism

Morocco, Israel Hold First Summit on Tourism Investment

The “Morocco Israel Tourism Investment Summit” was held on Tuesday in digital format, with a view to promoting tourism investment among the Israeli community.

Initiated by the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT), under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social Economy and its Israeli counterpart, this first bilateral forum was marked by the participation of several key players in the Israeli, Moroccan and international tourism industry, said a joint statement by the Ministry and SMIT.

Speaking on this occasion, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social Economy, Fatim-Zahra Ammor, explained, according to the same source, that thanks to the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has today an unavoidable business climate and countless assets whose attractiveness is recognized worldwide.

A memorable event that laid the solid foundations of an eternal and fraternal relationship between our two countries

Ammor also took this opportunity to praise the relations between the two nations which were strengthened by HM the King during the signing ceremony of the tripartite declaration between the Kingdom of Morocco, the State of Israel and the United States of America in December 2020.

“A memorable event that laid the solid foundations of an eternal and fraternal relationship between our two countries,” she said, adding that the objective through this webinar is to lay the groundwork for a promising, sustainable and value-creating economic partnership, offering countless opportunities for tourism investments between the two countries.

The Minister highlighted the political and macroeconomic stability of the Kingdom of Morocco, its world-class infrastructure, its geographical position as a gateway to Europe and a hub for Africa as well as its tourism potential.

On the occasion of this high-level forum, Israeli investors have expressed their appreciation of the tourism investment offer presented at this conference, thus expressing their interest in contributing to the development of the tourism offer in Morocco.

Director General of SMIT, Imad Berrakad, explained that this message of confidence and support was carried by prominent tourism investors. These investors have expressed their belief in the potential of Morocco and wish to take advantage of the promising relationship between the two countries to establish an important base for its development.

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