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‘My most amazing moment is the wedding I did for someone who didn’t have the funds to pay me’- Peggy Graham

Peggy Graham

Peggy Graham is a Pharmacy technician,  Travel agent, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC

Born and raised in Rembert, South Carolina, Peggy is the oldest of three children from her parents, and her journey as a travel agent began at a very young age when her family would travel during holidays and vacations to visit relatives in other states. She was always intrigued by the differences and similarities of people from all walks of life.

In 2003, Peggy moved to Mableton, Georgia, and joined the healthcare industry by becoming a full-time, certified Pharmacy Technician but as a born businesswoman and traveler who has been helping her clients to plan everything from business trips to weekend getaways for years. She began to see just how much of a positive impact traveling can have on one’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

She decided to become a travel agent, which allows her to combine her love of travel with her passion for caring for others. As a natural planner and traveler, Peggy takes pride and careful consideration to ensure that each of her clients has travel experiences that are not just affordable, but also unforgettable. Whether you desire to stay close to home or travel abroad, She can help you make memories that are worth every penny. She owns Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling, shopping, and playing kickball.

Summer and Dejon’s Wedding

In this interview, Peggy Graham shares her experience, challenges, and the growth of Lesia’s Elite Event Planning LLC with ADEWALE ADENRELE

Below are excerpts:

  • Please introduce Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC

I’m Peggy Graham, The Owner of Lesia’s Elite Event Planning. We are a mobile company

  • How did Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC come to be?

It all started back in November 1990, When I got married, I found myself disliking everything my planner was trying to do so I jumped in and voiced my opinion and concerns so after that I decided that it was something I could do on my own.

  • Did you quit your job to start Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC?

No!!! I’m still working a full-time job as a pharmacy technician, so I’m working Lesia’s Elite Event Planning as a part-time job, one day I will come off of my 9-5 job.

  • What is most rewarding about running your own business and how were you able to combine Event planning and interior designing?

Being able to work, when I want to work and also meeting new people at the same time. Planning and doing interior design are about the same in the same field. You had to learn how to match colors and how set things in appropriate places and stay in tune with trending changes. Also hearing here from God. I only designed what he wants me to design after I hear from the Holy Spirit.

  • Who are your clients?

My Clients are a variety of people, including Church anniversaries, Schools, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Graduation Parties, Wedding Anniversary Parties, Baby Shower, and Engagement parties. Etc  Family Reunion

  • What can Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC do that other outfits cannot?

Lesia’s Elite Event Planning offers a relationship with all her clients and is also a budget-friendly company

  • What does Lesia’s Elite Event Planning, LLC need to be able to grow?

Lesia’s Elite Event Planning needs more customers and more business partners

Peggy at a bridal show
  • What are your ambitions in terms of (international) markets, and growth especially in Africa?

I’m excited about international travel, especially in Africa

  • What do you want people and companies that read this interview to do?

Lesia’s Elite Event Planning would like for any potential customers to reach out to us and let’s see if we can collaborate on so events or just network with each other

  • African ethnic groups and tribes have customs and traditions that are unique to their culture. What do you like about African Culture?

Lesia’s Elite Event Planning always loved the African transitions weddings, it’s like a piece of art how everything is so unique and different.

  • African Development Magazine would like to promote your events, and reporting activities, will you give us this chance?


  • Amazing memories are unforgettable; can you share with us the most amazing memory?

My most amazing moment is the wedding I did for someone who didn’t have the funds to pay me

  • What advice would you give the younger ones?

Stay true to your dreams, Don’t give up, and even if you’re not sure what you’re doing don’t let them see you sweat



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