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Many tourism businesses going back to business with new hopes – Dror Flomin, DFM CEO

Dror Flomin, DFM CEO

Dror Flomin is an expert in lead generation and promotion of travel agencies located outside of Israel with vast knowledge and experience in the travel and tourism sector both locally and internationally.

As a successful leader, facilitator, he had developed a unique methodology for connecting Israelis with recommended local travel agencies in destination countries, usually in exotic places where the travelers need a driver and a guide along the trip. He also helps travel agencies get a stream of quality leads and increase their business significantly.

In an interview with ADENRELE ADEWALE, the DFM CEO speaks about his focus on outbound tourism and how coronavirus affected the tourism sector.

Below are excerpts:

What are the challenges you faced while doing travel and tourism business and how did you overcome them?

While traveling to exotic countries, usually it will be better to travel in a private tour with your own guide/driver. I found out that usually home country agencies do not really know how to plan such tour and are using for that a local agency at the destination.  This mediation makes the planning phase inefficient and more expansive tour.  The challenge is to find a great and trustable travel agency at the destination country and work directly with him.

In tourism, we have aspect of tourism like educational tourism, religious tourism, medical tourism and cultural tourism, which area is Israel selling point of tourism to world?

My focus is outbound tourism from Israel

As an expert in lead generation and promotion of travel agencies outside of Israel., how long precisely do you think global travel will resume to its normal pace?

The prophecy was given to the those who fall for it … for now, with the repeating Covid waves and species,  no one knows if and when we will  get back to a normal pace. We can only hope.

Early 2020 before the pandemic outbreak, the global tourism celebrated a record year for travel. Now, it’s decimated and facing a recovery that could possibly take some time. Can you tell us how Covid-19 pandemic has affected travel and tourism industry?

Travel and tourism industry were the most affected sectors due to the corona virus. Businesses in this sector died in one month! It was something nobody could expect it can happen. All travel agencies and air companies needed to stop all business and refund clients, pay rent and salaries without any income. It was like a nightmare.

The pandemic affects millions of people who depend on tourism were laid off or furloughed. How do you think tourism can bounce back and survive?

The human mankind is very adaptive and now we can see many tourism businesses going back to business with new hopes but with caution. I trust them to find their way. All of us just waiting to the minute we feel that travel is safe and will try to compensate for the lost years without traveling.

Many destinations anticipate travelers’ behavior will change in the virus’s wake. What measure have you put in place to sensitize and educate potential tourist /travelers to erase the fear of covid-19?

During the last two years traveling in nature area felt safer so this was the focus together with efforts to find countries and areas that its hotel implemented very safe rules to let their customer feel safe.

In the last few months Corona virus was less aggressive so for now people feel safer to travel but not everyone.

African Development Magazine would like to partner your organization for media tour promotion and coverage of tourism activities, would you support this development and give us a chance?

We can discuss the possibilities in due course

Thank you for sharing with ADM

You are welcome


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