Climate change has been an ongoing topic that constantly circulates in the news. Today, CNN reported that U.S. sea levels will rise rapidly in the next 30 years due to climate change.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people are educated on issues like climate change, deforestation, and more. In addition, others are not aware of the long-lasting consequences of damaging our environment because we don’t see it every day.

Hip-Hop duo JT Rappé (formally known as Kyeti and Xuman), who are largely known on the Hip-Hop rap scene in Senegal, have created a segment called Journal Rappé, which translates into Rapped Newspaper/Journal.

This segment is used to disclose current events to their audience in a musical fashion and to increase civic engagement in the media. In this video, Kyeti and Xumen talk about the ecological state that Africa is in.

He speaks on wasteful nature, pollution, and deforestation and how that affects their communities. He also points blame to the businesses and corporations responsible for draining the continent of its beautiful nature.

By breaking it down simplistically, Xumen and Kyeti allow the audience to immerse themselves in the crisis in a way for them to understand. They also perform the rap in a newsroom setting that lets us know that the story they tell will be informative and necessary.

The visuals of the crisis are also a nice touch, it accurately portrays the harmful ways we contribute to pollution that affects our everyday lives, and he does it so that we visually see those harmful effects because they’re usually ignored.

He unintentionally calls for the audience to be more aware of how they care for the environment and make a conscious effort to prevent the ecological damage from furthering.

While watching this, It reminded me to remember to be careful and mindful of how I care about my environment and to continue to push for legislation that protects the future of the planet.

Check out their video below:


Youtube: JT Rappé

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