Tribute to Dad: The Man, the Myth and the Manners  By Kolawole Olaitan

Late. Chief Richard Akanbi Olaitan (JP)

The Man: Chief Richard Akanbi Olaitan (JP)

It took me over 100 years to depict and understand the man I lived with for almost 50years! Sorry I meant to say an average summation of his Children’s formative years!!!

“Richard Owuobokiri” (If you gerrit) as fondly called by one of his aged grassroots brothers in their later years was a Polymath and embodiment of multidisciplinary knowledge.

None of his Children can boast of having his full-fledge stature or raw characters …Yeah, I know a Child’s greed can’t be so enormous to make him demand more meat after taking a cup of Garri with a full Cow head. That is the situation with any of the children demanding more than one of his attributes as a unique entity.

He was very calm, sharp, and dynamic with such an act of extraordinary courage to understand the picture of the future without a seer or prophet. His exceptional strength, knowledge, and resourceful thinking have always gained a hedge among his peers…I never know why until I listened to his Family genre and bonded lineage of his parents …so philosophical and trajectory.

An excellent Socialite that doesn’t struggle to mingle…He was a member of many social clubs as either a pointsman secretary or social figure having the autonomy to covert and overt information.

Over the years he developed himself in many disciplines taking correspondence courses from Foreign Universities and bodies. He took Journalism and Law from Oxford and Cambridge University as a young man but in a very low capacity he practised as a consultant to state department of Women affairs and Welfare department and his Judicial recommendations and critical decisions records at Juveniles cases surpassed many of his predecessors even successors after he decided to relinquish the post and they were still after him to return.

He also served as a recommended Special Assistant to a female  Commissioner for Education  in the Milad era and wrote many articles and unpublished journals on Educational Philosophy , Psychomotor activities and developments wherein he was a specialist.

He was always being objective in speech and excellent in representation, I mean very attractive or assertive to enjoy.

With my Sociology and Economics, he addressed my Ideas and learning as obsolete and gave me Books on Global Espionage, James Bond films and the Economics Magazine to read so as to change my thinking. Today, I am a better person courtesy his mentorship.

Many still find it hard to believe that that he doesn’t fight or shout yet he was soft spoken and greatly feared without injuring other people’s feelings, open and large hearted  ,ready to share and sacrifice his time and resources to even his own detriment, he will tell you not to fight your battles but fight for others and no one will dare challenge you .

His mentorship skills are rare and made him hate complaints, many of his protégés were even older men and would like him champion their cause because he was very bold, strategic ,steady and make use of his best point to have wins.

Always truthful and doesn’t discriminate. He was a complete giver and kind hearted. He completely hates cheating and oppression, a disciplinarian and very loving, he had a high degree of Telepathic relationship with his children and friends. He was a solution centre to many and a fervent lover. He doesn’t give up and will always wait for a reference point.

A mathematician and Historian …Man of letters and figures ,many will wonder why Dictionaries and Newspaper will always litter our sitting room and you would hardly see my Dad had a perusal…His Secret was Cognitive psychology and Dissonance.

Dad you were always the last man standing with unflinching support anytime any day. Your risk taking is a guaranteed safety and will never know why you have chosen demise at this time we needed you most.

The words can’t be enough to give you …Rest on and remain at your best…

Myself and siblings will miss you greatly. REST ON DAD TILL WE PART NO MORE.


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