Aida Muluneh,Canon Ambassador

Aida Muluneh Shares some thoughts

…..As Canon’s “Moments that Matter” Competition gears up.

Story: Mohammed Abu,ADM,Accra

Aida Muluneh, Canon Ambassador and Founder/Director of Addis Foto Fest has noted that with 6.4 billion mobile smartphone users worldwide, the number of images consumed by each person has inherent ability to form perceptions and perspectives.

Hence, she intimates, “it is even more vital today to use this technology of smartphones and social media to direct messages of progress towards people to drive that sentiment that leads them to take action and make meaningful changes”

“Canon’s initiative on empowering photographers to capture moments in the sustainability spectrum through categories that speak about economic, human, environmental and social progress is truly the pressing priority for all of us”.

Aida who is also one of the judges of the Canon sponsored photographic competition dubbed; “Moments That Matter” was sharing some thoughts ahead of the event.

The beauty of the competition she notes however lies in the spirit of sustainability that rekindles the flame of hope in our hearts and gives us a reason to look forward to the future and that It is this challenge that participating photographers need to understand and convey in their images, to show us the problem but also to shed light on its solutions.

“As a practicing advocate of change through photography, I am extremely keen to see the submissions that come through allowing us to look at the world through someone else’s eye, to experience their vision and see what change others are aspiring to create not only in their own country but for the whole wide world,Aida noted.

In a world as diverse and complex as ours, Aida notes, there are various issues that need to be brought to the surface to evoke a conversation leading us to solutions.

This responsibility she posits needs to be collectively shared not just by creative industries but all industries out there, even those that are impacting the narrative of our communities, nations and continents.

“Even in the global discourse as it relates to our environment and planet, the power of the image and our connections through technologies offer us many opportunities for change. One person may be able to plant a tree but together we can plant an entire forest and that is the power of helping and empowerment in helping others we also help and heal ourselves.

“This is the main reason why my work outside of being in museums or fine art has been a reflection of advocacy-advocating the need to make a change. As globalization has taken center-stage in the last few decades, we must realize this responsibility that we all now share – to really empower each other as people and then to empower our planet to prosper.

“Finding solutions together is key to unlocking the potential for tomorrow. Photography is an excellent instrument to advocate the cause that you believe in, for me personally I have been passionate about environmental issues which are depicted through my images” Aida intimated.

Photographers participating in ‘Moments that Matter’ she advised, must look at engaging their art-forms to advocate and inspire others thus leveraging their visual language to become the hope for tomorrow” she urged.

Aida noted that creativity and as daunting as it may seem to showcase a new angle or perspective through your image that is where the true challenge of this visual art-form lies. Authenticity, she noted, is the key that unlocks the great power of photography.

Photographers that understand this as the basic foundation of their work she said, usually go a long way in their professional paths. In the beginning however, it may seem like an impossible feat to achieve but it is the part of photographer’s journey that they need to embrace in order to become visible in this competitive and challenging creative world.

Recounting her past as a young photographer, Aida recollects she had been through phases of disappointment when she struggled to prove her point to people but perseverance, patience and practice she said, can take one anywhere as she has learned from her journey.

She also disclosed that, she was inspired by photographer, Chester Higgins who taught her the tricks of the trade – to never stop believing in yourself, your work and to always remain authentic. That advice, she said, has led her to become who she is today.

“I stuck to black and white photography as my core niche even though the world was booming with innovations in colored photography. It is crucial to reflect your own individual point of view in your work without getting overwhelmed by trends or fads. That remains my advice for all budding photographers who dream to make their mark in the world…be authentic, remain consistent and believe in you” she further advised.


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