For the promotion of peace in the world: Sr. Wildanie Cupidon appointed Interfaith Ambassador in New York

Within the framework of the 35th Anniversary Fobana Convention Washington DC, Sr. Wildanie Cupidon has just been appointed inter-religious ambassador. The nun is thus identified among the personalities who militate for peace in the world.

It is moreover to strengthen her in this divine mission that she is now made an ambassador for peace and inter-religious dialogue. For the nun, it is the place to invite the different religious denominations to unity for peace in the world. Sr. Wildanie Cupidon says she is happy and proud to assume this heavy responsibility which she calls “a vocation in another vocation”. According to her, we can not have the same religious beliefs and militate together for a common idea: to save humanity from hatred, animosity, war.

The scourges are at the base of the conflicts and the misery which rages in the world. It is the responsibility of the religious to find a solution to these scourges. And this is the reason why Sr. Wildanie Cupidon calls for unity between religions to lead together this vital humanitarian struggle. It should be noted that a total of six religious denominations in the United States are signatories of the Certificate which consecrates Sr. Wildanie Cupidon as inter-religious ambassador.

Two other figures of peace were also appointed ambassadors, as was Sr. Wildanie Cupidon. They are Dr. Natacha J. Clerger and Ms. Edwina Paul. Abbas T.

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