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Tourism: Interview with Peter Morrison, Skål International World President (2020)

Peter Morrison, Skål International World President (2020)

Peter Morrison is the President of Skål International who serves as leadership model for many young men and women in leadership roles across the globe especially in the tourism and hospitality sector.

As successful hotelier, facilitator, business development consultant with a fascinating educational background and wide years of experience in tourism and hospitality as a global business advocate.

Mr Peter Morrison has contributed positively and immensely to the promotion of tourism in New Zealand and also an operator of a boutique hotel in Christchurch who supports and promotes New Zealand’s hospitality and tourism industry both locally and internationally.

Morrison is a life member of the Canterbury Hospitality Association and National Treasurer and Board member of Hospitality New Zealand, having been a member since 1986 and President since 2005. After the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, he set up and chaired Christchurch Hospitality Incorporated, a vital link between quake-affected hospitality industries, CERA and other authorities.

He represents New Zealand’s tourism and hospitality on the world stage as a member and Councilor of SKAL International NZ, (Now International Director & Senior Vice President) a professional organization of tourism leaders.

In 2016, he successfully lobbied for the SKAL International Council and Board to meet in Christchurch, which gave attending members first-hand knowledge of Christchurch and New Zealand as a tourism destination.

Apart from being a hospitality expert, Morrison is a past Treasurer and still on the committee of the Friends of the Art Centre helping to raise funds for specific project repairs within the quake-affected Christchurch Art Centre.

In this interview with Adewale Adenrele (African Development Magazine), President Morrison speaks about the pandemic outbreak and how it affects the tourism industry.

Below are excerpts:

Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am Peter Morrison MNZM from Christchurch New Zealand. Also President of Hospitality NZ ( Hotel Association) Been a Hotelier since 1976.

Few months ago, the global tourism industry was celebrating a record year for travel. Now, it’s decimated and facing a recovery that could possibly take some time. Can you tell us how Covid-19 pandemic has affected travel and tourism industry?

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented crisis for the tourism industry. International tourist arrivals are projected to plunge by 60 to 80 percent in 2020, and tourism spending is not likely to return to pre-crisis levels until 2024. This puts as many as 120 million jobs at risk

Airlines have grounded nearly two-thirds of their planes as passengers vanish. Cruise ships are docked. Millions of people who depend on tourism are laid off or furloughed. How do you think tourism can bounce back and survive?

The experts forecast the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia and the Pacific are likely to experience some recovery this year – with the Americas most likely to take longer.

Is there is an opportunity for our industry to redirect itself and change the face of future tourism? However, whether we have really moved away from mass tourism, as we knew it, after the coronavirus crisis remains to be seen?

As the present Skål International President, how long precisely do you think global travel will resume to its normal pace?

As above 2024

What is your theme for this year and how have you been able to reach out to other executive because everywhere was lockdown?

People, Prosperity and Progress! Sadly another “P” came along in March – Pandemic.

Many destinations anticipate travelers’ behavior will change in the virus’s wake. What measure have you put in place to sensitize and educate potential tourist /travelers to erase the fear of covid-19?

The return of tourism demand requires those tourists and our employees to feel—and are—safe.

International organizations that Skal International has links with; such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). They have developed a set of guidelines to serve as a baseline, BUT!  Various Governments around the world are unnecessarily adding more bureaucracy.

African ethnic groups and tribes have customs and traditions that are unique to their culture. What do you like about African Culture?

The diversity, warmth and engaging nature of the African people is what I admire and like about the African Culture. What is even more appealing is the uniqueness of 54 different cultures in one continent. The Skal Membership Engagement team for Africa’s slogan is ‘OUR WELCOME IS AS BIG AS OUR CONTINENT” which sums up my thoughts about the African culture.

Lastly, African Development Magazine would like to partner Skal for promotion and event coverage of tourism business and event across Africa, would you support this development?

Of course, I would support this and I am aware that International Past President Lavonne Wittmann has had regular contact with you regarding this

Thank you Mr. President

You are welcome.


Adewale Adenrele

The author Adewale Adenrele

Journalist, PR, Researcher, Tourism& Cultural promoter, Social commentator. Correspondent @Africandevmag

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