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Ethiopia is an ancient country with rich history; unique cultural heritage and remarkable biodiversity which are reflected in a tally of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Within its borders, you’ll find the world’s fourth-holiest Islamic city, along with the oldest continuously-occupied town south of the Sahara.

Eye-catching and compelling antiquities include the medieval rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and Gheralta, palaces and temples dating back 3,000 years, the magnificent  17th century castles of Gondar, and the oldest human fossils unearthed anywhere on the planet.

In this interview with Adewale Adenrele (ADM),  Dawit speaks about tourism experience, challenges and how Ethiopia becomes the most attractive and popular emergent tourist destination in Africa and many more.

Below are excerpt:

Tell us about yourself and journey to travel and tourism? 

My name is Dawit Aragaw, working in travel and tourism industry the last ten years as a tour operator and tourist guide. My passion is working in tourism promoting Ethiopia and Africa. My journey started since I was a seventh grade student.

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What are the challenges you faced while doing travel and tourism business and how did you overcome them?

The challenges doing in tourism and travel industry is cooperation work in partnership in different countries and in companies regarding of the marketing strategy  and customers satisfaction due to lack of basic and social infrastructures, well trained professionals and professional ethics of the tourism personnel. My measures to these challenges are trying to do my best keeping the profession wise.

Why Ethiopia is land of origin?

Ethiopia is land of origins because of the birth place of humankind, coffee is originated from here, it has her own calendar and alphabet, it’s the source of Blue Nile, home to many monolithic ancient rock hewn churches, the original Ark of the Covenant is here with us, more than 13 UNESCO heritages, home to many species of fauna and flora which is endemic, and many more….

In term tourism, Ethiopia is a force to be reckoned with in Africa with stable economy, how you would educate interested student and potential tourist to visit Ethiopia?

My suggestion to those students and tourists who are interested to visit Ethiopia: As mentioned Ethiopia is the only country never colonized in Africa, stable to visit in all times especially the peak seasons from October to April, the people of Ethiopia are hospitable for those who are coming for visiting, sharing cultural, historical and natural attractions. The door is open for any kind of tours and tourists

What are the major attractions in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is rich in historical attractions, home to more than 86 ethnic groups which is mosaic in cultural attractions and more that 70% of Africans’ mountains are found here which add  the natural scenery ,gorgeous and spectacular landscapes catching the visitors eye. Ethiopia has all types of tourist sites.

From the spectacular mountain which is the fourth highest peak in Africa ,Ras Dashen mountain to the world’s lowest place at about -116m below sea level Dalol/Danakil Depression. To sum up Ethiopia hosts all types of tours for interested visitors.

Great historians knew Ethiopia from The Bible; can you tell us some existing places with historical fact?

The name Ethiopia is listed in both holy books/Bible and Qur’an. Ethiopia is mentioned more than 45 times in Holy Bible. Axum is the place where the history of Ethiopia is began and finished/Alpha and Omega. Lalibela which is the eighth wonder of the world/the African Petra/the second Jerusalem, Harar is the fourth holy city next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem in Islamic learning.

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 What is Border Crossing Tours? 

Border crossing tours are tours which crossing the border of the countries connecting the people’s cultural and historical events. We have many connecting border crossing tours within Africa and the rest of the world. Such as starting from USA-Africa-Asia, Europe -Africa-Asia/America-Ethiopia-Israel, America-Ethiopia -Kenya-Tanzania –Dubai.

African ethnic groups and tribes have customs and traditions that are unique to their culture. What do you like about African Culture?

African culture is all about the world’s culture, since the birth place of humankind is from here, all the cultures spread and share from here; the ancient tribes of Africa are much worthy keeping their astonished cultures. The African ethnic groups’ cultures are mosaic in its nature and uniquely preserved

Tell us about the 18th-century Ethiopian crown that was return after decades, does it mean the white people steal from Africans? 

The 18th-century Ethiopian crown which is returned after decades from Europe had stolen from here by illegal and unethical servants.

Amazing memories are unforgettable; can you share with us most amazing memory?

The amazing memories from the tourism industry/working as a tourism professional are many during the journey/travel times but the lovey thing is sharing life experiences, cross cultural interactions and learning many

 Tell us about the seven houses Agew (Yesebat Bet Agew) Horse Riding Festival and the activities to inspire the youths?

The seven houses Agew/Yesebat Bet Agew/horse riding festival is held once a year in one of the nations and inspired and involved youths in different activities. People are coming from different areas to attend this festival exchanging cultures things from clients/tourists, friendship

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